RSA offers to replace security tokens after after attack

RSA, whose SecurID tokens have been linked to the recent hacks of both the company itself and Lockheed Martin, is offering to replace the tokens of many of its customers.

Android app makes hacking Facebook easy

A new app allows Android-based smartphones to hack into the Facebook or Twitter accounts of other users using the same Wifi network.

China: Google hack allegations are a "fabrication"

Beijing has adamantly denied it was involved in accessing hundreds of Gmail accounts belonging to senior U.S. officials, journalists, military personnel and political activists.

Weiner hack embarrasses outspoken congressman

Truthfully, I'm really not sure how New York Rep. Anthony Weiner didn't see this one coming - but hey, what do I know?

Hackers post fake Tupac story on PBS website

Hackers infiltrated PBS's website to post a fake story that rapper Tupac Shakur is alive and well, apparently as a rather bizarre act of retribution for a news item about Wikileaks.

Hackers target Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin confirmed on Saturday that it's been the target of a 'significant and tenacious' hacking attack. latest casualty of hack and extract attacks is the latest casualty of an apparently decentralized hack and extract campaign against the hapless Japanese-based corporation.

TinKode claims NASA hack

A serial hacker known as "TinKode" claims to have successfully breached an FTP site belonging to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

X-Factor hopefuls' details hacked

As many as a quarter of a million X-Factor contestants may have got a little more exposure than they bargained for, thanks to a hacking attack.

Over 2m credit card numbers 'up for sale' after Sony hack

Security researchers say the credit card information stolen in last week's hack of the Sony PlayStation Network is already up for sale on various internet forums.

Corporate America scrambles to contain Epsilon hack fallout

Suits and ties across corporate America are engaging in frenetic damage control after an embarrassing hack highlighted the perils of marketing decadence for all to see.

Kinect hacked to make Google prank a reality

On Friday, Google announced Google Motion - a new feature allowing Gmail users to use Gmail through hand gestures and body movements.

Report: NSA joins probe of NASDAQ hack

The National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly joined an ongoing probe of a recent hacking operation that breached the digital perimeter surrounding NASDAQ in October 2010.

TripAdvisor hacked, but passwords secure

Travel site TripAdvisor has admitted that it's been hacked, and that the company's email list has been stolen. It's warning its customers that they may be set to receive quantities of spam as a result.

Iran linked to massive net attack

Iranian hackers are believed to be behind an attempt to hack the internet's Secure Socket Layer (SSL). If successful, it would have allowed the hackers to impersonate Google, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla and Microsoft.

Vanessa Hudgens enlists FBI in hunt for nude pic hackers

When nudie pics and videos were released of the once goody-goody "High School Music" star Vanessa Hudgens, fans worldwide were shocked and amazed. The source? A hacked Gmail account.

Report: Sony "re-secures" PS3 with Firmware 3.60

A prominent Playstation 3 hacker is warning that Sony's latest firmware update (3.60) effectively "re-secures" the console.

Was Ashton Kutcher's Twitter hack a publicity stunt?

Alleged fame-whore and Twitter celeb Ashton Kutcher is fighting for his space on the corner these days because there’s a new man in town: Charlie Sheen.

George Hotz: I'm ready for more Sony jailbreaking

Talented jailbreaker George Hotz says he is ready to crack more Sony devices, despite the fact that the Japanese-based company is currently suing him for coding and disseminating a popular Playstation 3 hack.

iPhone security cracked in six minutes flat

German security researchers say they've been able to crack passwords stored on a locked iPhone - and they did it within six minutes.