Japan's biggest defense contractor hit by hackers

Mitsubishi factories building guided missiles, submarines and components for nuclear power plants have been hit by hackers, according to local reports.

Linux Foundation down after hack

The Linux Foundation has closed its websites for maintenance after discovering a security breach late last week - despite the common belief that sites running on Liunux are near-impossible to hack.

Cars getting more and more hackable, security firm warns

As the number of electronic systems used in cars increases, McAfee is warning that they're becoming increasingly vulnerable to hackers.

Nokia shuts down developer forum after hack

Nokia's warning developers that its developer discussion forum has been hacked, and has closed the site down.

First-timer claims responsibility for latest BART hack

Another BART website was hacked yesterday, with the attackers - who may or may not be members of the Anonymous group - releasing the private data of more than 100 BART police officers.

Anonymous knocks out BART website in protest at cell service shutdown

The Anonymous hacking collective has attacked San Francisco's BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) website, and is calling for people to join a physical protest today.

Hong Kong stock exchange hacked

The Hong Kong stock exchange was forced to halt trading this afternoon for 7 stocks after its website was hacked during the morning trading session.

South Korea blames Chinese hackers over massive data theft

South Korea is blaming Chinese hackers for stealing data from 35 million accounts on two websites: Cyworld, a popular social networking platform, and Nate, a web portal.

Microsoft bans easy-to-guess Hotmail passwords

We all know that we're supposed to pick hard-to-guess passwords - but most of us know all too well that, if we do, we'll forget them ourselves.

Anonymous takes on GM and Big Oil

Anonymous' latest target is agri-giant Monsanto, which it describes as 'corrupt, unethical, and downright evil'.

PayPal's UK Twitter account hacked

PayPal UK's Twitter account was taken over last night by a disgruntled customer who took the opportunity to post a few choice words about the company.

Anonymous teases Apple hack

Anonymous hackers associated with the AntiSec movement taunted Apple over the weekend by posting a list of 27 usernames and passwords.

Gannett cyber attack targets U.S. troops

A Gannett Co database was hacked recently. The database contained information about some of their subscribers who also happen to be U.S. military personnel.     

LulzSec disbands after 50 day HackStock

Lulz Security is calling it quits after a 50 day HackStock which saw the enigmatic group target a number of corporate and government websites, including Sony, PBS, Fox, Bethesda and the FBI.

Hacker admits AT&T iPad attack

A San Francisco man has admitted writing the code used to steal the personal data of 120,000 iPad users from AT&T servers last June.

Hacker replaces ex-boss's presentation with porn

When one Baltimore man was fired from his job, he refused to take it lying down. Instead, he hacked into his employer's computer system to show porn to the company's board.

Citigroup says hack hit 360,000 credit cards

Citigroup's admitted that many more credit cards were compromised by its recent data breach than it indicated in its previous statement.

LulzSec hacks CIA website - and has fun with telephone hotline

The CIA website is the latest to go down following an attack by LulzSec.

LulzSec gives security advice to British National Health Service

LulzSec - the hacking group behind the recent attacks on Sony and Nintendo - demonstrated its cuddly side this week.

Citibank admits customers' data was hacked

Citibank has confirmed that the names, account numbers and contact information of hundreds of thousands of customers have been stolen in a hacking attack.