FBI investigates US-China group hack

The FBI is reportedly investigating an alleged hack that extracted a number of internal e-mails from networks administered by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Saudi hackers publish Israeli personal data online

A group of Saudi hackers is claiming to have accessed and published the credit card details of hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

Hack brings iOS apps to Apple TV

Most will agree that one of the best things about the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices are the wealth of apps to suit just about any need the user may have.

LulzSec hacks SpecialForces.com

LulzSec has apparently executed a hack and extract operation against military merchant SpecialForces.com. 

Anonymous denies Stratfor hack

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have denied executing a hack and extract operation against Stratfor, a US-based security think tank.

Arrests made over Subway hack

Four Romanians have been charged over a multi-million dollar scheme to hack more than 50 US-based merchants - including Subway - and steal credit card data.

The Russian hack never happened

An American contractor says hackers did not launch a cyber attack against a water facility in central Illinois.

Man hacks Siri for home automation tool

An Australian man has hacked Apple's Siri voice assistant to turn it into a home automation controller.

UN email details published by hackers

The Teampoison group of hackers has claimed responsibility for hacking a UN agency, and has posted more than 100 email addresses and login details on Pastebin.

HDCP gets a man-in-the-middle hack

Researchers at Ruhr University of Bochum in Germany have successfully deployed a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack to crack the copy protection system used by HDMI ports.

AT&T reveals hacking attempt

AT&T has warned customers of an attempt by hackers to access online account information.

Valve says hack exposed gamers' personal data

Online gaming giant Valve has warned users that hackers who defaced its Steam forums on Sunday night gained access to the company's database.

Hacker hits chemical and defense firms

Hackers have hit dozens of companies in the chemical industry and defense sector, and snaffled company secrets, according to a report from Symantec.

China may have hacked US satellites

A US congressional commission has confirmed that hackers "interfered" with two government satellites between 2007-2008 via a Norwegian ground station.

Mitsubishi hack may have compromised nuclear, military data

A recent cyber attack against Mitsubishi - one of Japan's biggest defense contractors - likely compromised military data on warplanes and nuclear power plants.

Hacker gains control of Microsoft's YouTube channel

Microsoft's official YouTube channel was hacked over the weekend, with the company's dancing-dad promotional video replaced with an assortment of other clips.

Sesame Street hacked and replaced with porn

Sesame Street fans visiting the program's YouTube channel yesterday found something they weren't expecting - hardcore porn.

Man charged over celebrity hack

The FBI says it's charged a man for hacking into the email accounts of dozens of celebrities.

Sony locks out users after another hacking attack

Sony's suspended over 93,000 user accounts after another major attack on the company's systems.

Hacked MySQL dishes out malware to visitors

Hackers have compromised the website of the MySQL database management system, leaving visitors to the site at risk of malware infection.