Stratfor back after hack attack (or not)

Update: As of 9:33 am PST, the Stratfor site seems to be experiencing intermittent difficulties and will not load. The company officially re-launched its site earlier this morning after it was taken offline in December.

AntiSec pwns ManTech over government links

Anonymous hackers associated with the growing AntiSec movement have targeted a cyber security company known as ManTech.

Anonymous accelerates hack and extract ops

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have accelerated the pace of their hack and extract operations against various corporate and government targets.

Sony attempts to clarify Lulz Security hack

On June 2, Lulz Security claimed credit for an extensive digital raid against Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).

Sony snubs Congress and blames Anonymous

Sony has refused to attend a Congressional hearing to discuss a recent security breach that exposed millions of credit card numbers and downed the company’s PSN along with its Online Entertainment division.