Why 3D-printed gun maker thinks 3D printing might not take off

Cody Wilson made headlines last year when he launched a bid to manufacture a 3D-printed pistol, the Liberator. His project was called Defense Distributed, and it soon attracted the attention of government officials. They regarded Wilson’s project as a violation of international arms trade regulations because Wilson had ...

Gun Control: How technology could provide the answer neither side will see

The pro-gun control and pro-firearms folks are having a bit Scrooge post-Christmas as a New York newspaper (Journal News) posted an interactive map highlighting licensed gun owners, including their names.  

Legal setback to 3D printed gun project

A bizarre project to create a 3D-printable handgun has hit the buffers after the manufacturer of the rented printer concerned seized it back.

Quake 3 frags the Nexus One

Are you ready to frag? Yes? Well, so are we - with Quake 3 on the Nexus One!

Deranged WoW player shot during violent family dispute

A drunk and deranged WoW player was recently shot by an irate grandfather after attempting to choke his mother to death.