Rocksmith and the State of Music Gaming

It wasn’t that long ago that Guitar Hero was the hottest thing since sliced bread. People of all walks of life were playing it to death, and it helped keep the music business alive for a while. Before Guitar Hero died out, the bands that were able to capitalize on it, like Metallica and Aerosmith, made a ton of money in royalties in an age where people stopped paying for music a long time ago.

Why Guitar Hero went under

It wasn’t that long ago that Guitar Hero was the hottest thing in gaming, and it also temporarily saved the music business for a little while as well.

Axl tries to take on Activision

Who didn’t love Guns 'N Roses when they first exploded in the late eighties? Appetite For Destruction was one of those amazing, soundtrack of your life albums, and it’s hard to believe it’s been over twenty-five years now since it first hit store shelves. 

A closer look at Rocksmith

I remember very fondly when Guitar Hero became the hottest video game. It was a great idea, and for a moment it actually helped keep the music business alive.

Should guitar heroes beware of toxic guitar strings?

When Guitar Hero was all the rage, it was certainly a challenging game, but at the same time it also made real guitar playing seem like another challenge you could conquer.

Remembering Guitar Hero

When the Guitar Hero phenomenon was happening, I thought it was truly great, and it's unfortunate to see it slowly fade away.

Steel Panther joins the gaming world

In recent years, there have been a lot of tribute bands popping up, or musicians who dress up just like their rock heroes and play covers of their tunes.

Maroon 5's Adam Levine sues Activision

The lead singer of the band Maroon 5 is suing Activision for abusing the ability to use his likeness in the game Band Hero.

On Guitar Hero and Led Zeppelin

When Guitar Hero first started out, it was really tough to get big bands to commit. 

The manic depressive nature of the video game market

I’ve always been surprised by the relatively manic depressive nature of the video game market.

Activision kills off Guitar Hero

Activision Blizzard has pulled the plug on Guitar Hero, announcing that it's to close the unit responsible for the music game.

The next breed of music games: play real instruments

There's a new music game in the works that has a rather ambitious goal in mind: players who master it will be able to transfer their skills to real guitar-playing. It will be the first game of its kind to use a specially created "real" instrument instead of a fake plastic one.