Introducing the Millenium Falcon guitar

When I was a kid, I tried doing glue together model kits, and many of them just had too many little pieces to keep track of and put together.

Now you can buy Kurt Cobain's guitar

There's an old saying that "no price bear an original," but with recent guitar technology, you can come pretty close to the real thing.

The great Gibson guitar war

There’s quite a bit of debate among guitar players about where their instruments are made.

Rockin’ the national anthem

Many guitarists today still can’t catch up to what Jimi Hendrix played over forty years ago, and his groundbreaking interpretation of The Star Spangled Banner was just one of many great moments of his all too brief career. 

Celebrating Les Paul's birthday and his classic guitar

Last year, we lost the legendary Les Paul, who passed away at the age of 95. Even if you don't play a Les Paul guitar, every musician owes a big debt to Paul's inventions.

FTC issues fine over fake online reviews

The Federal Trade Commission has come down hard on a company which was found to be posting fake reviews of its products online.