The verdict is in on Pacific Rim

This has been a very chaotic summer for blockbuster movies. Reports are everywhere about how The Lone Ranger could be a big turning point because it cost so much money, and is now facing a potential $150 million dollar write down, which puts it in the John Carter league of failure. 

Pacific Rim is hours away: Giddy Girlish Glee

Guillermo Del Toro says, this is a movie made by people who love giant robots and monsters for people who love giant robots and monsters. OMG! Why is it not happening today!

The Big Robot brawling of Pacific Rim

So Michael Bay shot his mouth off recently, calling out Pacific Rim for being a Transformers rip-off, a remark he subsequently apologized for.

Guillermo Del Toro building Crimson's Peak

This summer, we’re finally going to see Guillermo Del Toro back in action with Pacific Rim, his giant robot movie, which looks very promising.

Guillermo Del Toro talks Pacific Rim and Dark Universe

It’s been a long time since Guillermo Del Toro has had a movie out, the second Hellboy flick back in 2008 to be exact, and now he’s finally returning this July with Pacific Rim, which is one of the most anticipated genre films this summer.

Guillermo Del Toro on the dark side of superheroes

When The Avengers went on to make megabucks at the box office, you just knew there would be more superhero teams headed to the big screen.

The men behind the monsters

When you hear people talking about “men in suits,” the first thing that comes to mind is, “Didn’t CGI get rid of stuff like that? Do we really need people to put on suits to be monsters anymore?” Well, in a word, yes.

Early reactions to Pacific Rim are in

As long time TG readers know, we’ve been following the movie Pacific Rim pretty closely over the last few months. It’s Guillermo Del Toro’s first film since Hellboy II in 2008, and Warner Brothers is also hoping it will become another big franchise for the studio.

Guillermo Del Toro on the Haunted Mansion and Crimson Peak

With Pacific Rim hitting theaters this July, director Guillermo Del Toro is finally back in action with what promises to be a big sci-fi epic.

Guillermo Del Toro says no to Star Wars, tries Mountains of Madness one more time

Guillermo Del Toro is definitely a persistent guy. Last year, his long in the works video game, Insane, got shut down, but now it’s back up and running with a potential 2015 release date.

Guillermo Del Toro's video game is back

Fans of Guillermo Del Toro may remember that in addition to the thousands of movies the Hollywood veteran has in development, he was also working on a video game tentatively dubbed Insane, which fell apart last year.

Pan's Labyrinth headed to the stage

Guillermo Del Toro’s got so many movies and TV projects in the works, by the time I finish writing this sentence he’ll probably have at least three more set up.

Star Trek and Pacific Rim trailers about to drop

Star Trek Into Darkness, the long-awaited sequel to the new model JJ Abrams Trek, is probably the most anticipated genre film of 2013.

Del Toro climbs the Crimson Peak

It’s a long running joke: Another day, and yet another Guillermo Del Toro project gets set up.

From the Star Wars cantina to Men in Black

“So much of the stuff I did in the first Star Wars was very quickly done... Nobody knew that Star Wars was going to be Star Wars.”

The many faces of Guillermo Del Toro

When you think of horror master Guillermo Del Toro, the idea of family entertainment doesn’t exactly come to mind.

Guillermo Del Toro eyes the Swamp Thing

Another week, another project Guillermo Del Toro’s apparently involved in.

Peter Jackson reflects on Middle Earth

"The idea of having an ensemble of thirteen dwarves terrified me and I thought, it’s going to be much more interesting to have another filmmaker dealing with that..."

Understanding Del Toro's Pacific Rim

Although he’s got a ton of projects on his plate, the first movie from Guillermo Del Toro since 2008’s Hellboy II is going to be Pacific Rim, a big sci-fi epic that’s due to hit theaters on July 12, 2013.

Top Gun 3D hits the afterburners

Recently, we reported that plans were underway to convert Top Gun to 3D. As many of you probably remember, Top Gun was the #1 film of 1986, and it’s remarkable how much nostalgia there is for the film today.