Hellboy Gets His Day

No Hellboy doesn’t need any time off for a vacation, but he was given a day that celebrated the beloved graphic novel character’s twentieth anniversary, and Mike Mignola, who created Hellboy, couldn’t have been more thrilled. 

Rumors of a Pacific Rim Sequel Won't Die Down

There have been rumors and speculation about a sequel to Pacific Rim for quite some time, but the question has always been did the movie make enough money that a sequel would be a good investment? While reviews were mixed, the fans definitely liked the film, and maybe the cult of Pacific Rim would grow big enough that by the time a sequel would be ready, a whole new audience would possibly be waiting for it as well. 

Guillermo Del Toro's Next Is Coming in 2015

It took him a long time to return, but it was great to see Guillermo Del Toro back in action after being off the big screen for four years. Whether you loved Pacific Rim or thought it was just okay, it was cool to see Del Toro deliver a big, fun sci-fi adventure that rekindled our love for giant robots battling giant monsters.

The Strain is Coming

Guillermo Del Toro will soon be filming his next movie, a ghost story called Crimson Peak, and there’s still hope he’ll make a sequel to Pacific Rim one of these days. He also has the FX series The Strain coming this July. 

Will Pacific Rim Have a Prequel?

Many had very high hopes for Pacific Rim this summer, us included, because we’re big fans of Guillermo Del Toro, and this was his big return to the silver screen. Rim also looked like enormous fun with state of the art special effects, but it didn’t catch on with audiences as well as we’d hoped

3D is Slowing Down in China

The Chinese market is very important for American films these days, because without their box office, big movies can’t break even, or turn a profit. Yet now reports tell us 3D has been slowing down in China, which may also signal that the technology’s novelty may finally be wearing off. 

Guillermo Del Toro Not Giving Up on Pacific Rim 2 and Frankenstein

We’re still awaiting the verdict on how Pacific Rim will do on home video, and whether this will help the movie finally make some money. There’s still hope there will eventually be a sequel, and it would be great to see Pacific Rim become a film series, even though giant robots beating the crap out of giant monsters is not a cheap proposition.

Help Make Pacific Rim a Hit on BluRay and VOD

Many fans loved Pacific Rim, but it still has a long way to go in terms of making its money back. Now you can help fix that problem, and potentially help get a sequel off the ground, by supporting Pacific Rim now that it’s available on DVD, BluRay, and VOD.

The Simpsons Renewed For a 26th Season

If you’re a huge fan of The Simpsons like I am, you’ll probably find it remarkable that it’s lasted as long as it has. I can still remember watching the very first Simpsons special, and I also remember seeing them on The Tracy Ullman show when the characters and the animation were still developing. 

Guillermo Del Toro directs The Simpsons: epic win!

Guillermo Del Toro was involved in the making of the Tree House of Horrors XXIV opening sequence for The Simpsons. And boy does it show. This is the best opening sequence in a long, long time, and makes us love Springfield's denizens more than ever. Welcome back, guys!

Pacific Rim is the Highest Grossing Original Movie of the Year

It’s hard to think of Pacific Rim being the highest grossing film of the year because it didn’t do that well in the States, and it’s still trying to make enough money world-wide to warrant a sequel. However, in one way it is indeed the highest grossing live action movie of the year, as an original movie that’s not based on a previous film, comic book, or video game. 

Pacific Rim Doesn't Take Off in Japan

While Pacific Rim was a risky venture in the States, it’s apparently doing very well in China, a market the United States is counting on more than ever for extra box office. It still remains to be seen if Pacific Rim can do well enough to warrant a sequel, but now reports tell us that the film has not done well in the country that has always revered giant robots: Japan. 

Guillermo Del Toro Bringing Terror Back to TV With The Strain

As a long time horror fan, I’m excited to see the genre returning to television. And with the millions of projects Guillermo Del Toro has his hands in, he’s also got his own terror series coming to FX, The Strain.

What does Sculpteo, Pacific Rim, Warner Bros and MNSTR have in common?

Lately Hollywood seems to be fund of 3D printing. After the replica of the Aston Martin in the latest James Bond movie and the recent 3D scanning work in World War Z, the french communication agency MNSTR partnered with Sculpteo to promote the new Guillermo del Toro movie ...

Pacific Rim is Officially a Smash in China

Last time we checked on Pacific Rim, it finally opened in China, and a lot of hopes have been pinned on the film’s release there. It hasn’t been doing well in the States, and if the film ever hopes to break even, or have a sequel, it’s all contingent on the film’s gross in China.

Pacific Rim is a Big Hit in China

We just reported on TGD that there may indeed be a sequel to Pacific Rim, but it’s all contingent on how the movie does in China. The American film market greatly depends on the Chinese box office, because movies cost so much these days, you can’t break even without a big world-wide take.

Will There Be a Sequel to Pacific Rim?

Despite the good word of mouth from people who’ve seen it, Pacific Rim hasn’t been doing well at the box office, at least not here. But it is apparently doing well foreign, which is crucial for a movie to break even. The overseas box office was so important to Pacific Rim, Warner Brothers made Guillermo Del Toro convert it to 3D, or China wouldn’t play it. 

Guillermo Del Toro's Robot Love

Okay, so Pacific Rim didn’t do well this weekend, which is really tragic, but maybe word of mouth will carry it into DVD / BluRay later this year. It’s too bad to see something that’s clearly a major geek event being beaten at the box office by the latest Adam Sandler movie, but maybe Pacific Rim will have a second life with fans somewhere down the road. 

Pacific Rim's For Women Too

Well, the box office verdict is finally in on Pacific Rim, and it came in third (THIRD!) to the latest painfully unfunny Adam Sandler comedy, and Despicable Me 2. This is a dark day for geeks, because this is Guillermo Del Toro’s long awaited return to movies, and the better films like Pacific Rim perform at the box office, the less we have to suffer through the latest from Adam Sandler.

Pacific Rim Needs Your Help

We just reported on the critical response to Pacific Rim, which so far has been mixed. There are critics that liked it, some who thought it was okay, and at least one overall negative review, which to be fair didn’t say the movie was dreadful, but it didn’t say it was anything to get excited about either.