FTC issues guidelines for facial recognition

The FTC has released a set of guidelines for companies using facial recognition technologies in a gentle warning that nevertheless goes too far for one commission member.

Obama publishes new online privacy plan

The White House has unveiled a new framework for online privacy, tightening up the protection of personal data.

Tighter regulation needed for fracking, says report

Hydraulic fracturing of shale formations, or fracking, to extract natural gas doesn't cause groundwater contamination, a new report has found.

Tighter restrictions proposed on in-car gadgets

Carmakers should disable built-in electronic devices while the vehicle's in motion, under new proposals from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

Apple allows Flash developers back into the fold

In news that will see a million clenched fists relaxed, Apple is relaxing its guidelines on app submissions.

Apple issues commandments to hapless iPhone support staff

Spare a thought for the other victims of the iPhone 4 antenna scandal - the company's employees. After all, they're the ones who are going to have to deal with you when you go storming in with your newly-legal handgun.