Smartphone Photography: A Guide for Taking Amazing Photos

By the end of the year, three-quarters of the residents of the United Kingdom are expected to own a smartphone. These devices don't just help users make and receive calls and entertain themselves while they're out and about. They're also turning many of us into keen photographers.

Build your own supercomputer

Computational engineers at the UK's University of Southampton - along with a six-year-old boy - have built a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi computers and Lego.

iPad jailbreak spotted in the wild

An iPhone Dev Team member known as "Musclenerd" has managed to port the popular "Spirit" jailbreak to Apple’s newly launched iPad.  

PrimeSense confirms Project Natal involvement

Microsoft and PrimeSense have confirmed the latter company’s involvement in developing 3D-sensing technology for use in Project Natal.

Christmas Is Coming: PC Shopping Guide

In the last time I got vast amounts of email with questions or recommendation requests