The Gaming and Racism Debate

The debate about the destructive qualities of games should continue for a long time. Many times when a national tragedy occurs, video games and violent movies are often blamed, and now a study claims that gaming can encourage racism.

Tomb Raider Reboot is a Success

Last year, Tomb Raider got rebooted with a whole new hi-def look, and there was a question as to whether today’s gamers would cotton to an older franchise. Well, apparently they have, because the game has sold six million copies.   

The biggest game franchise of 2013 is officially......

GTA V is officially the biggest game franchise of 2013, making well over a billion and selling 32.5 million copies . And with the game’s massive success, the profits for Take-Two Interactive has more than doubled.

The Biggest Selling Games of 2013

While the game market has always gone through a number of ups and downs, 2013 was a big year for gaming with Grand Theft Auto V, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. So what were the biggest game hits of 2013? 

Violent Games Are Good For You

Whenever a horrible national tragedy happens, people often like to point the finger at violent movies and games. It’s often a knee jerk reaction that’s understandable, but it’s also shortsighted because even if we got rid of violent movies and games, real life violence will continue to happen no matter what.

Gaming Sales Impacted By Upcoming Console Updates

A year ago, it seemed that video games had gained a remarkable foothold again in the marketplace. Even though the market still wasn’t back 100%, titles like GTA V, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 were making an enormous amount of money, breaking major records. 

GTA V On Track to Make More Money Than This Summer's Movies

It shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that GTA V made more than many of the blockbuster movies this summer. Even if this hadn’t been a hard summer for movies where so many flicks tanked, the gaming industry often makes more money than Hollywood, and this is no exception.

GTA V Officially Makes $800 Million the First Day

Well that didn’t take long. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that GTA V would move a ton of units. In fact, it’s already made $800 million its first day of release. (We should all be so lucky.) 

[Update] Is Grand Theft Auto V on Track For a Billion Dollar Week?

Looks like GTA5 is on track to make that $1 billion week. As of today, it's launch day has seen sales reach $800 million. This is excluding the upcoming launch in Japan. The figures today represent between 13 and 14 million units easily beating GTA4's 13 million units sold. There will, no doubt, be further confirmation of the actual numbers for today and through the remainder of the week, but this is an amazing day for the Grand Theft Auto franchise and for video gaming in general.

Video: Three GTA V trailers go live

Rockstar is teasing its long-awaited GTA V with a trailer split into three parts.

The video game business is still in a slump

The video game business has endured a lot of ups and downs, and there often isn’t a gradual drop off in sales.

Inside the Tomb Raider reboot

There are quite a number of big games coming up this season. The big daddy should be GTA V, but there’s also Star Trek and the reboot of Tomb Raider.

GTA V delayed, will launch on September 17

It’s amazing to think that with the huge success of Halo 4 and Call of Duty last year that the gaming industry is still down, but the last quarter hasn’t been able to bring it completely out of the doldrums.

Will GTA V be ready by March?

When you sit down and think about what the big game of 2013 will be, Grand Theft Auto V usually first comes to mind.

Rockstar teases GTA V screenshots

Back in October, video game maker Rockstar confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will be the next entry to the GTA franchise, along with a launch window.

Rockstar not ruling out GTA V for PC and Wii U

GTA V may eventually arrive on Windows PCs and Wii U consoles.

New GTA V trailer goes live

Rockstar has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V video game.

Grand Theft Auto V: Choose your own thug adventure

Halo 4 may be the biggest game in the universe right now, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is also huge, but without a doubt the next edition of Grand Theft Auto will also be a major gaming event when it hits next spring.

The millions of GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise help put Rockstar on the map as a major player in the lucrative gaming industry.

Is this the new Grand Theft Auto V?

Serious gamers are always hungry for leaked information - true or otherwise - about upcoming titles.