The biggest game franchise of 2013 is officially......

GTA V is officially the biggest game franchise of 2013, making well over a billion and selling 32.5 million copies . And with the game’s massive success, the profits for Take-Two Interactive has more than doubled.

GTA V On Track to Make More Money Than This Summer's Movies

It shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that GTA V made more than many of the blockbuster movies this summer. Even if this hadn’t been a hard summer for movies where so many flicks tanked, the gaming industry often makes more money than Hollywood, and this is no exception.

GTA V Officially Makes $800 Million the First Day

Well that didn’t take long. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that GTA V would move a ton of units. In fact, it’s already made $800 million its first day of release. (We should all be so lucky.) 

GTA V delayed, will launch on September 17

It’s amazing to think that with the huge success of Halo 4 and Call of Duty last year that the gaming industry is still down, but the last quarter hasn’t been able to bring it completely out of the doldrums.

Is GTA going Back to the Future?

Doc Brown’s DeLorean has to be one of the best sight gags in movie history.

Mafia II demo hits the streets of Empire Bay

2K has released a demo of its long-awaited Mafia II action game. The title features an epic gangster story line, hours of GTA-style joyriding, shooting and massive explosions.