GSM networks leak users' location

Security researchers have discovered it's possible to track a cellphone's location by listening to unencrypted broadcast messages from cell phone towers.

Hackers unlock car via text

Two security researchers from iSec Partners have shown at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas they can unlock a Subaru Outback and actually start the engine - all remotely.

GSM cellular tech vulnerable to $15 eavesdropping hack

GSM is the standard digital technology that allows us to make calls worldwide. But what we assume is secure has actually been proven insecure by researchers who demoed an easy way of eavesdropping on encrypted calls and messages.

NEC builds a Cloud Communicator

NEC is showcasing its Cloud Communicator tablet at GSM 2010 in Hong Kong.

Verizon releases global mobile hotspot

Verizon's launched the first mobile hotspot to offer data service in more than 200 countries, 120 of those at 3G speeds.

Verizon won't sell Windows 7 phones until 2011

Shock! It seems as if Verizon is relatively unenthusiastic about Windows Phone 7. Indeed, the carrier has refused to sell devices based on Redmond's latest (crappy) mobile OS until at least 2011.

Cathay Pacific promises broadband, GSM and live TV

Cathay Pacific has announced plans to equip its entire fleet with full broadband, GSM cellphone service and live television, the first airline in the world do do so.

Google touts AT&T compatible Nexus One

Google has announced an AT&T compatible version of its Nexus One smartphone.