Politician arrested over Facebook IPO

A US Republican politician has been arrested and charged with using the Facebook IPO as a Ponzi scam.

Small businesses indifferent to web adverts

Small businesses don’t appear to be too interested in cheap web ads offered by Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other outfits. Although the ads are very cheap indeed, small businesses in the US are simply not going for them.

Aussie watchdog bites Groupon

Online coupon outfit Groupon is in hot water with Aussie regulators after its "newsletters" were categorized as spam.

Groupon Rewards goes national

The leading daily deal site is trying to become more than just a one-trick pony.

Groupon acquires location-tracking startup

Daily deals site Groupon has acquired a company called Hyperpublic, a startup that specializes in location-based technology.

Groupon IPO values company at $12.7 billion

The initial public offering for daily deal site Groupon raised $700 million as one of the most exciting Internet IPOs in a while.

Groupon successfully sells its mobile location plans to Congress

Congress has been grilling Groupon about its controversial mobile location plans, which include sharing more information with its partners.

Foursquare launches Groupon Now real-time deals

It's no secret Foursquare is actively pursuing the daily deals space within the "Explore" tab in its location-based check-in service.

AmEx launches deals via Facebook "likes" & check-ins

American Express is tapping into Facebook "likes" and check-ins to send card owners relevant and local discounts based on their Facebook preferences.

Google offers daily deals in New York & San Francisco

Groupon did it. Living Social did it. Now Facebook and Google are doing it. You guessed it! Daily deals.

Groupon's privacy policy changes

Location-specific deal site Groupon has instituted a new privacy policy.

Is Twitter worth $7 billion?

Even though Twitter hasn't made any declarations about a potential IPO or even hinted of the possibility of going public any time soon, our favorite micro-blogging client may soon be valued at around $7 billion.

Daily deal sites in decline

Make the most of daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial - because they're set for a big decline, according to a Rice University professor.

Groupon breaks into supermarkets with loyalty card deals

Groupon is branching out into supermarkets today as part of an initiative that will let shoppers use supermarket loyalty cards to make purchases.

Amazon rolls out local deals microsite

Watch out Groupon, move over Facebook Deals, mega retailer Amazon.com is now in line for a piece of the daily deals pie with the (quiet) launch of AmazonLocal.

Groupon and Live Nation team up for online ticketing deals

Groupon and Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. announced today that they have partnered up for an online ticketing deals channel.

Facebook launches Groupon-style deals

After Facebook launched its Check-In feature, it seemed like only a matter of time until it would partner with local business to offer discounts a la Foursquare and Gowalla.

Facebook testing Groupon-style deals service

Facebook's squaring up to the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial with a new discount deals program.

Groupon offers collective buying B2B discounts

This Groupon isn't about a cheap haircut or a discount at the local Mexican joint, but rather getting $25,000 worth of IT consulting services for $12,500.

Google may have just paid $2.5 billion for Groupon

If you believe the rumor mill, it looks like Google has just completed a huge acquisition to buy the global deal site Groupon, at a blistering price tag of $2.5 billion.