Video: Electric airplane loses power, glides home

One of the primary reasons many consumers shy away form electric vehicles is range anxiety, or the fear of a car battery running out of juice while still on the road.

Green car sales continue to impress despite gas prices

Declining gas prices aren't denting sales of alternative fuel vehicles.

Video: Kleenspeed EV-X11 an all electric speed demon

Green technologies often get a first vetting in the field through uses in areas of science or military. 

Other avenues also exist, such as high performance racing for electric vehicles.

Tesla designer tips BMW 3-series rival for 2015

Tesla originally kicked off production of its electric vehicle line with the Roadster and only recently began selling its Model S four-door sedan.

Japanese researchers charge EVs - through vehicle tires

Bringing EVs to mainstream consumers is a challenge the auto industry has yet to overcome.

Apple risks losing business after abandoning green program

Apple's decision to pull out of an environmental certification initiative may cost it millions in sales.

EPA storms ahead on E15 despite threats from DC

For many years, most of the fuel we've been burning in our automobiles has included 10% ethanol to reduce the amount of petroleum consumed in the United States.

Ancient Antarctica was warmer and wetter

Antarctica was once as warm as Iceland - warm enough for vegetation and even trees to thrive, a new study has found.

Video: Fahrradi Faralla FFX, the sexiest pedal car ever made

The Fahrradi Faralla FFX looks like it hails from Italy.

Logitech touts wireless solar keyboard for Apple gear

Logitech has certainly jumped onto the solar-powered keyboard bandwagon with both feet.

Porsche revs 918 Spyder prototype for testing

One of the highest performing and greenest vehicles ever produced by Porsche is the sleek 918 Spyder.

Claim: Tesla Model S offers 320 miles on a single charge

The Tesla Model S electric vehicle first broke cover last year at a base price of $49,900, with a driving range tipped at 160-300 miles.

Brammo revs electric Empulse motorcycle

Electric motorcycles can be crazy fast, as we saw earlier this week with an electric drag bike that hit over 200mph in under 7 seconds.

Video: Rocket EV hits over 200 mph in under 7 seconds

Electric vehicles have long suffered a bad reputation in the hardcore and uber-competitive motorsports world.

Video: This EV supercar costs $980,000

In the world of electric cars, most vehicles like the Nissan Leaf are stodgy, unattractive boxes aimed at the thrifty driver.

Claim: Wind farms may raise local temperature

Carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels has been linked to rising global temperatures in a number of studies.

Electric vehicle sales slow as reality sets in

The electric vehicle market isn't exactly booming today. Yes, there may be several reasons, but mostly it's the price.

Industry heavyweights team up for EV smart charger project

The sheer amount of research conducted for and about electric vehicles around the world never ceases to amaze me.

Obama pushes US military to go even greener

Continuing its campaign-year emphasis on a broad range of energy initiatives, the Obama administration has outlined a fresh roster of renewable-energy and energy-efficiency programs by the US military. 

Snap! Fisker Nina hybrid spied ahead of launch

Fisker currently manufactures some of the sexiest hybrid vehicles on the market, including the Karma plug-in hybrid which will set you back over $100,000.