Fuel cell vehicles may hit US streets in 2017

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been in development for a number of years, but haven't yet hit mainstream adoption to a lack of a viable hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

US Army leads in green energy-saving

The Army says UESCs and ESPCs use energy-savings technologies that extend to "small-scale renewables like solar photovoltaics, solar-thermal for hot water and air heating and wind power."

This green Buddhist school is made from recycled materials

In Buddhist teachings, all living things are considered to be part of one interconnected web of life, and nature is merely the order of the world that has not been warped by human desires.

Video: A closer look at Ford's EV+ hybrid vehicle tech

Ford recently introduced a new feature that allows drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to achieve more electric-only driving distance.

Making green waves in the desert

By all accounts, when it comes to green, Abu Dhabi has got it going on.

Lumen Bluetooth LED light bulb makes home automation easy

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who like the idea of home automation.

Toyota details Avalon Hybrid specs

Toyota has kicked off production of a number of new vehicles, including its flagship Avalon Hybrid which is slated to arrive at dealerships by the beginning of December.

Hagora hybrid goes beyond green

Away from the buzz of the usual green car announcements at the recent Paris Motor Show, one Segula Technologies was quietly showcasing a hybrid car concept that seems somewhat different.

3D printing tech - the big green implications

You may have heard some shouts and rumors about this new technology called 3D printing. 

Hybrid or electric? Green car idea proposes a little of both

Hybrid or electric? That's a question many green car drivers ask themselves when they consider what vehicle to purchase.

Toyota showcases Smart Insect concept car

Toyota's latest concept car is dubbed the Smart Insect and is somewhat reminiscent of a Smart car, if only a tad smaller.

Mercedes gull-wing goes electric

When electric cars first started generating buzz, I couldn't help but wonder if they heralded the end of performance automobiles.

Report: Most biofuels aren't green

Biofuels were under the microscope all summer in the U.S. due to drought-prompted concerns about the bite they can take out of food supplies.

Smart Forstars EV concept one really big movie projector

Certain concept cars stand out because of some slick green technology that could someday make it into actual production. 

This tiny green home goes where you go

We love tiny green houses here at EarthTechling and TG Daily.

This folding car will sell for $16,000

Tiny little city cars aren't particularly common in the United States, at least not yet.

Amazing cardboard bike lets you go green for only $9

Choosing to eliminate (or even just minimize) your vehicle emissions is a big adjustment for most people.

Evolving a green high-rise

It must be something in the air - last week, we brought you Richard Black’s Symbiotic Building concept, which essentially seeks to combine the modern office environment with a greenhouse.

Green affordable housing to break the cycle of poverty

Back in June, we brought you word that the Via Verde affordable housing complex had opened its doors to residents in the Bronx. 

A plug-in hybrid for $3,000?!

The bright minds of young college students and their mentors are at work again in the world of green technology.