The rings and gravity of Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a fun superhero film with great effects and surprising talent.

New Green Lantern featurette shows more of Oa

It’s not long until the release of the new Green Lantern adaptation, and it seems the current trend in film promotion is to show all the cool stuff from the movie in the week leading up to its release.

More details announced for DC’s September relaunch

DC has announced its plans for Green Lantern lines, as well as the digital pricing model.

Post-film plans for Green Lantern

There are now three major projects planned for the Green Lantern property after this summer’s hopeful blockbuster.

Superman: Man of Steel will tie into the comics more than expected

New plot details for the upcoming Superman reboot movie show that it’s likely tied very closely to the current origin canon from the comics.

New Green Lantern footage released at WonderCon

An extended trailer for the new Green Lantern movie was shown at WonderCon, giving us all a much better look at what is being planned for Hal Jordan.

Not just Batman, entire roster of JLA disconnected

The decisions being made about the Justice League movie canon is worse than we ever thought possible.

The Green Lantern vortex

With the new movie coming out, I've been thinking about the Green Lantern, and how much his story has been screwed up over the years. 

It's like he's the dump story for all of DC's mistakes; Green Latern is the story where DC lets themselves experiment with crazy ideas, but then never follow through.