Nvidia eyes open source support for K1 graphics

Nvidia has reportedly kicked off an initiative with open source devs to support its upcoming K1 chip.

Qualcomm eyes massive Snapdragon speed (graphics) boost

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 SoC is probably one of the most impressive high-end ARM-based processors.

Nvidia does better than analysts expected

Graphics chip maker Nvidia has done a lot better than analysts were expecting and announced third quarter results which are not that bad.

Why Intel is returning to the memory market

Graphics is a focal point of the upcoming Haswell platform, necessitating a high bandwidth memory solution. To deliver high performance Intel is returning to the DRAM market, which it unceremoniously exited in 1985.

AMD enters the Cloud of Gaming

AMD thinks that gamers will move to the cloud and it can save its bacon by getting in first.

Video: OpenCL mod for Kindle Fire HD shows untapped potential

One might reasonably think that manufacturers would take advantage of every last ounce of performance when it comes to tablets.  

Raspberry Pi graphics source code is in the wild

Raspberry Pi gets more DIY friendly with graphics code in the open-source realm.

Interactive 3D to come to HTML

Web developers could soon be able to start including interactive 3D in their applications, thanks to new standardization efforts.

Claim: Graphics will be "indistinguishable from reality" in 10 years

The graphics jump from Doom to Quake was nothing short of revolutionary.

The truth about tech statistics

"Researchers and analysts estimate that such and so many of this or that will increase or decrease by some percentage by sometime in the near or far future."

Are mobile devices becoming the game platform of choice?

The rapid evolution of mobile devices is actively driving the industry to develop better graphics, optimized voice quality and faster quad-core processors.

MIT speeds up graphics rendering

Aiming to make video games look as photorealistic as possible, designers often try to build in motion blur like that which appears in the movies. It simply doesn't look realistic without.

Crysis 2 pwns and owns the FPS genre

A recent review of Crytek's Crysis 2 confirms what fans have known forever - the long-awaited sequel is primed to pwn and own the FPS genre.

How do you measure graphics horsepower?

You know, when we’re testing graphics add-in boards (AIBs) we and others usually mention how the AIB has the horsepower to run games at high frames and high resolution.

SMSC samples remote USB 3 graphics technology

SMSC recently began sampling its ViewSpan USB 3.0 remote graphics technology - which allows users to easily connect multiple displays to desktop and mobile PCs.

Integrated graphics poised to dominate notebook PC market

Did you know that four out of five notebook PCs are expected to feature graphics-enabled microprocessors by the year 2014?

GPU Computing Comes of Age: Is 2011 Nvidia's Year? 

I was at the Nvidia Quadro conference earlier this week and it is starting to look like 2011 is Nvidia's year to shine.  

Report: Majority of Americans are gamers

A recent survey conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) determined that approximately 67 percent of US households play computer and video games.

AMD fights bloat, accelerates Office 2010

Are you concerned about Microsoft's infamous creeping feature syndrome? Do graphics-heavy PowerPoint files and endless Excel spreadsheets keep you awake at night?

Sony upgrades PS3 with 40nm RSX graphics chip

Sony has upgraded its Playstation 3 console with a 40nm RSX graphics chip.