The language of Dead Space: Liberation

The trilogy of Dead Space graphic novels is complete alongside the trilogy of games.

Review: The trips of Everybody Loves Tank Girl

Will you love the new Tank Girl? Well, it depends on which Tank Girl you already love.

The birds of The Assassin’s Creed graphic novel

The short sequential art tale, based on the video games, is now available in hardback.

Review: The vibrance of Alien - The Illustrated Story

A new remastered printing of the original graphic novel is out - and it definitely stands up to the test of time.

The metal of Green Arrow #10

I wasn’t all that upset to see the first Green Arrow creative team switched out - because the original reboot portrayal of the Green Arrow was almost too immature.

The voices of Harbinger #1

The new ongoing line from Valiant reimagines an intriguing history of powerful mentalists.

The losses of Earth 2 #1

Earth 2 is one of the new lines introduced to DC’s New 52 to replace some of the poorly performing comics, and has set itself up to be quite an epic tale.

The tears of Dial H #1

One of the ‘new wave’ of DC’s New 52 lines is the quirky Dial H.

The familiar faces of The Infinite

The Infinite was recently canceled after only four issues, and didn't even make a full story arc. Sales were poor and the line went almost unnoticed critically. It now wallows in uncertainty, perhaps never to be picked back-up.

The anger and war of Transformers: Autocracy #1

Transformers: Autocracy is a one shot, twelve part comic book series from IDW, based on the wildly popular Transformers franchise.

The long-lived girl of Fatale #1

The new Image title is off to a fantastic start.

The proton packs of Ghostbusters #4

In the fall of 2011, IDW Comics kicked off a new line of Ghostbusters comics, starting from Issue #1 in September. Issue #4 hit store shelves in December.

The natives of Star Trek #3

The third issue of IDW’s ongoing comic line Star Trek hit store shelves this month. The new line is based on the 2009 J.J. Abrams film, and follows the adventures of the new version of the Enterprise crew in an attempt to connect the first movie with the upcoming sequel.

On Kevin Smith and The Bionic Man

The fifth issue of The Bionic Man was released this month by Dynamite Entertainment. The new adaptation is written and scripted by none other than iconic filmmaker Kevin Smith.

The horse-drawn chaingun of All Star Western #3

Three issues in, and Jonah Hex is helping me understand why some people like Westerns so much.

The control issues of Blue Beetle #3

A classic super hero tale in a chitinous husk.

The avatars of Stormwatch #3

Stormwatch is another title from the New 52 which has become quite an interesting tale - now that the comic is hitting its third issue.

The Bloodbath of Red Lanterns #3

One of the most ignoble protagonists in the entire DC universe is Atrocious, the leader of the Red Lanterns, who have their own line in the New 52.

The deep chambers of Justice League International

I think it is safe to say that not every comic in DC’s relaunched New 52 got off to an incredible start. Still, many of those that were initially dismissed have picked up a bit of steam going into their third issue.

The twisted bones of Animal Man #3

One of the New 52 on the outskirts of attention has been Animal Man. The line depicts the story of a man who can harness the powers of various animals at will - using it to fight crime and defeat villains.