Gran Turismo 5 is a sales juggernaut in UK

Gran Turismo 5 has dethroned Call of Duty: Black Ops from the top spot of the UK's weekly game sales lists, as the insanely-long-time-developed game begins its run to actually becoming profitable.

Play Gran Turismo, become a real professional car racer

If you're really good at the Madden NFL video game, chances are that won't really equate into you becoming a professional football player. But when it comes to Gran Turismo and professional racing, that's a different story.

After five years of bloated hype, Gran Turismo 5 is finished

Sony first unveiled Gran Turismo 5 in 2005. Since then, gamers have patiently waited as the developer continuously teased them, provided false release date expectations, and hyped up the game to the point where it sounded like the second coming of Jesus. And now, it may actually be finished.

Perennially delayed Gran Turismo 5 is pushed back...again

Despite finally making a hard release date announcement after years of patience from fans, Sony has to push back the release of Gran Turismo 5 due to last-minute production issues.

Gran Turismo 5 to eat up 10 GB of PS3 storage

Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 5, but for those with a low-capacity PS3 or who have already filled up their hard drive, they'll need to sacrifice a lot to get the game running at top speed.