Anonymous splinter cell takes aim at Sony employees

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have downed several Sony websites and knocked the Playstation Network offline.

Anonymous takes on Sony in defense of GeoHot

The cyber activist collective known as "Anonymous" has set its sights on Sony in defense of two prominent PS3 hackers: GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo.

Hacker defies Sony, says will keep on coding

Graf_Chokolo's residence may have been recently raided by the police, but the hacker refuses to be intimidated by Sony's rather draconian crackdown against PS3 jailbreakers and modders.

Cops raid PS3 hacker's house in Sony-led crackdown

German security officials - acting on orders from Sony - have raided the residence of a notable and very talented Playstation 3 hacker known as graf_chokolo.