AMD shifts DX11 gaming into overdrive with Radeon 6900 lineup

AMD has debuted its Radeon 6900 GPU lineup for enthusiast gamers. 

The new graphics cards boast enhanced second-gen DX11 architecture and are capable of dynamically adjusting power draw on the fly.

ARM launches next-gen Mali GPU

ARM has introduced a next-gen Mali GPU that offers up to a 5x performance increase over current Mali graphics processors.

AMD optimizes Java execution with Aparapi

AMD recently introduced Aparapi - A PARallel API - that allows Java workloads to be optionally executed on a GPU.

Nvidia fires up Quadro 2000 for graphics gurus

Nvidia has expanded its Quadro lineup with two new GPUs: the mid-range 2000 (192 CUDA processing cores) and the entry-level 600 (96 CUDA processing cores). 

Nvidia GPUs boost molecular biology research

Dr. Klaus Schulten of the University of Illinois is tapping GPU-powered computing to increase the speed and accuracy of microscopy-based simulations.

Nvidia Tesla GPUs power Cray blades

Cray is currently developing blades based on Nvidia's Tesla 20-Series GPUs for its advanced XE6 lineup.

Nvidia details next-gen GPUs

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has revealed preliminary details of two future GPUs: Kepler (2011) and Maxwell (2013).

Will Nvidia find its mobile future in the Cloud?

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang envisions a Tegra-based mobile future driven by high-performance, GPU-powered Cloud computing.

Tesla GPUs accelerate engineering sims

Nvidia GPU Conference 2010 - Ansys has designed a souped-up, Tesla-based HPC platform that significantly reduces engineering simulation processing time.

Giada touts Ion-based ultra-mini PC

Giada Technology is showcasing its Ion-based, ultra-mini PC at Nvidia’s GPU Conference in San Jose, California.

GPU acceleration boosts Chrome browser speeds by 60x

Google has managed to boost Chrome browser speeds by a blazing 60x using GPU-based acceleration.

AMD, Nvidia and the century of graphics

For much of the last three decades of the PC it has been all about the CPU, while the graphics card was largely a concern of engineers, media creators, and gamers.

AMD says adios to ATI

AMD has finally bidden a grand adieu to its ATI co-branding of graphics cards.

Microsoft details new Xbox 360 SoC

Microsoft has published a virtual tear down of its new system-on-a-chip (SoC) that powers the Xbox 360 Slim.

Mafia II demo hits the streets of Empire Bay

2K has released a demo of its long-awaited Mafia II action game. The title features an epic gangster story line, hours of GTA-style joyriding, shooting and massive explosions.

AMD orders SWAT raid over Fermi "misunderstanding" 

Did AMD order SWAT commandos to raid a suburban household? 

Khronos accelerates mobile gaming with OpenGL 4.1

The Khronos Group has launched version 4.1 of its OpenGL spec, which is expected to facilitate the easy porting of apps between desktop and mobile platforms.

Does PhysX diminish CPU performance?

Silicon Valley chip expert David Kanter has hypothesized that PhysX diminishes CPU performance by "exclusively" using an outdated x87 instruction set.

Evo 4G leads the mobile Android revolution

HTC's recent launch of its long-awaited Evo 4G smartphone has helped to accelerate the fast-paced Android revolution with a number of high-end features, including HDMI connectivity, WiFi hotspot capabilities, a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor and a 720P HD video camera.

GPU Computing Comes of Age: Is 2011 Nvidia's Year? 

I was at the Nvidia Quadro conference earlier this week and it is starting to look like 2011 is Nvidia's year to shine.