Nvidia touts $1,000 GTX Titan graphics card

Nvidia has officially unveiled its new GeForce GTX Titan video card, which the company claims is powered by the fastest GPU on the planet.

Game dev talks Wii CPU "weakness"

Akihiro Suzuki of the Dynasty Warriors franchise says the Wii U's CPU - which features three Power PC cores - poses certain "challenges" for developers. 

Nvidia showcases new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs

Nvidia is showcasing two new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs at its annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

Nvidia's virtual GPU targets the cloud

Nvidia has unveiled a platform that allows the delivery of a virtualized desktop to any connected device - with the graphics and GPU capabilities of a PC or workstation.

Report: Next-gen MacBooks go Nvidia

A new report indicates that Apple has chosen Nvidia GPUs to power its next-gen MacBooks.

AMD picks up GPU share ahead of Trinity launch

An uptick in PC shipments - combined with potential share gains in the GPU segment - have improved AMD's position in the hyper competitive market.

A closer look at Nvidia's Kepler GPU

Nvidia recently debuted its long-awaited Kepler GPU lineup, which is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm Fermi.

Nvidia rolls out next-gen Kepler GPUs 

Nvidia has rolled out the first GPUs powered by its next-generation Kepler architecture, which is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm Fermi.

The silicon guts of Sony's PS4

Sony's next gen-console will reportedly be powered by an AMD GPU, and, most likely, an AMD CPU as well.

CPU-GPU "collaboration" boosts processor performance

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a technique that allows graphics processing units (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs) on a single chip to improve their level of collaboration.

Report: Nvidia clinches MacBook GPU deal

Nvidia has reportedly clinched a lucrative deal with Apple to provide GPUs for Cupertino's upcoming MacBook refresh.

ARM powers CPU/GPU hybrid supercomputer

Spanish engineers are developing a hybrid supercomputer that pairs Tegra ARM CPUs with Nvidia CUDA GPUs.

Nvidia eyes an exascale supercomputing paradigm

Simulations powered by petaflop-capable HPC systems help scientists and policy-makers improve their understanding of a wide range of topics.

The future of Fusion and Llano

Silicon Valley chip expert David Kanter says AMD has "clearly articulated" both a software and hardware roadmap for unified CPU-GPU computing that contains "all the right pieces."  

AMD offers $50,000 in prizes for OpenCL contest

AMD is kicking off an OpenCL coding competition for devs. The contest - managed in conjunction with TopCoder - challenges software engineers to code apps that take advantage of both OpenCL and APU architecture.

Tesla shifts Russian supercomputer into overdrive

Moscow State University is upgrading its already formidable Lomonosov supercomputer with additional Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

Tianhe-1A supercomputer hits 1.87 petaflops

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have announced a record-breaking simulation on the Tianhe-1A GPU supercomputer.

Cray launches hybrid supercomputing system

Cray has introduced a hybrid supercomputing system that features key components from both AMD and Nvidia.

Nvidia GPUs powers BMW navigation

This week has been extremely busy for chip superstar Nvidia with multiple partnerships announced from the mobile, computing, and now automobile industries.

Why Nvidia wants an ARM-based CPU

Nvidia has confirmed that it is developing a lineup of ARM-based CPUs designed to power personal computers, servers, and even supercomputers.