LightSquared claims interference tests were rigged

LightSquared, currently seeking final FCC approval to build a nationwide 4G wireless wholesale network, is complaining that tests which appear to show its service interferes with GPS signals were rigged.

GPS shoes track Alzheimer's patients

California company GTX is now shipping shoes with built-in GPS, designed to monitor the whereabouts of Alzheimer's patients.

European satellite launch heralds more accurate GPS

The European Space Agency has launched the first two Galileo satellites which will give Europe its own satellite navigation system for the first time.

GPS inventor slams GPS tracking

In what must surely be regarded as quite a coup, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has won the support of the inventor of GPS, Roger L Easton, in an attempt to  prevent the government using GPS tracking without a warrrant.

OnStar reverses controversial tracking policy

After heavy pressure, OnStar has reversed its policy on GPS tracking and says it will no longer track ex-subscribers to its navigation and support system.

Crop circles may be made using GPS

High-tech techniques such as GPS could be behind the appearance of crop circles, says physicist Richard Taylor of the Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon.

GPS maker Garmin buys software company Navigon

Garmin, a leader in GPS device manufacturing, has just purchased a navigation software specialist called Navigon.

Nepal plans new measurement of Mount Everest

Nepal's to carry out its own calculation of the height of Mount Everest, aiming to settle a long-running disagreement with China.

Is it legal to track cheating spouses?

The use of hidden GPS equipment to track (allegedly) cheating spouses is quite controversial. Of course, the strongest argument against this practice is the obvious invasion of privacy.

Angry Birds to get location-based "Magic"

If you thought Angry Birds was the simplest of all games, think again. Rovio, the software company behind the Angry Birds franchise, is hoping to take the game to the next level with new location-based functionality.

Official tests show LightSquared network interferes with GPS

Government tests have shown that LightSquared's proposed mobile broadband network does indeed disrupt GPS devices in the area.

GPS used to detect illegal nuclear tests

At this week's Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) meeting, American researchers will unveil a new tool for detecting illegal nuclear explosions: the Earth’s global positioning system (GPS).

MIT uses smartphone motion sensors to improve wireless connectivity

Wireless communication has shifted over the years, from widespread radio access to limited range WiFi and cell coverage.

Wi-Fi iPad 2 can get pinpoint GPS if tethered to iPhone

Apparently the Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad 2 is able to suck out the iPhone's GPS capabilities when the two devices are tethered.

World is too reliant on GPS, warns report

In London, it's compulsory for black cab drivers to pass 'the knowledge' - an exam designed to demonstrate that they know every single street in the capital and can navigate from any one to any other.

Beijing wants to monitor your cell phone

A hot topic in the United States is the issue of technology and privacy. Whether it’s Facebook, location-based check-ins, or sharing GPS information, privacy is a much debated topic.

Garmin says 4G network will jam GPS and 911 systems

4G networks - a good thing, right? A super-fast data connection, access to anything, anywhere. But maybe not so great, says GPS manufacturer Garmin, if you want to know exactly where you are.

GPS tracks high school truants

Cutting class used to be all about dodging the hall monitor, but nowadays if students ditch too many times they will be asked to carry a GPS tracker in Anaheim, California. The GPS technology not only tells school officials where exactly the kids are, but asks them to enter a code at critical times in the day like lunch or a break, where they might be tempted to ditch.

Shoe radar may help you find your way

Technology enthusiasts know that getting lost has almost become a thing of the past thanks to global positioning systems (GPS). But if GPS fails you, what can you do? A shoe-embedded radar system could soon be a useable backup option that may help you find your way.

Space weather risk to airlines

Air crew and frequent fliers could run health risks from space weather, according to a report from insurers Lloyds.