Skully: A motorcycle helmet that Steve Jobs would have liked

With a name like “Skully” there is admittedly some irony in pointing to this company as one that appears to have created a motorcycle helmet which fits the Steve Jobs Apple usability model. 

How Broadcom's HULA Helps GPS Work Better in Crowded Cities

With global positioning capabilities baked into most modern smartphones, it’s easy to take GPS for granted. Yet, pinpointing a location to a detailed spot on the planet is actually a lot more complicated than it looks.

M2M Data Will Dominate the Big Data Era

M2M data is data derived from sensors attached to machines/products/devices that collect all kinds of data, from GPS coordinates, temperature data to usage data. M2M data literally is data between two or machines and ultimately between machines and people. First the data is exchanged from a remote machine/product/device ...

Apple snaps maps company up

In what the Wall Street Journal dubbed a 'map war', Apple has bought a Silicon Valley startup called WifiSLAM which suggests the company wants a hand building indoor mapping for iPhone users.

GPS accuracy given big boost

Spanish researchers say they've found a way to improve cars' GPS in cities by as much as 90 percent with a new low-cost device.

Governments should prepare for solar superstorm

UK engineers have carried out a detailed assessment of the risks from solar superstorms, and say governments need to do more to protect against them.

Indoor positioning made more precise

Korean engineers say they've made a major breakthrough in high-precision indoor positioning that will make it faster and more accurate.

GPS shoes guide you home from the pub

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has only to click her heels together three times to be magically taken home. And now, thanks to a British designer,  you could one day be able to do the same.

Smartphone app tracks battlefield targets

New software takes advantage of smartphones’ GPS and imaging abilities to pinpoint the location of distant objects as well as monitoring their speed and direction.

Robotic plane dodges obstacles indoors

MIT researchers have created an autonomous plane that can fly indoors - without the use of GPS.

US Navy eyes GPS-guided railgun projectiles

The Pentagon is perpetually working on advanced weapons platforms that appear to be more science fiction than fact. However, the Navy's electromagnetic railgun is a fully-functioning reality.

Congress warned about dangers of hacked drones

US lawmakers yesterday heard that there needs to be more regulation and security surrounding the use of private drones.

Indoor GPS locates users precisely

Duke University has pipped companies such as Google and Microsoft to the post to develop an indoor GPS system that can locate users as accurately as 1.6 meters.

GPS used to improve weather forecasts

Australian scientists are employing GPS to make weather forecasting more accurate, with a new type of temperature profile observation.

LightSquared files for bankruptcy following failed wireless venture

LightSquared has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, after its plans for a national wholesale mobile network were scuppered over concerns about mobile interference.

'GPS maps' found in pigeons' brains

Neuroscientists have finally established just how birds use the built-in 'GPS' system that helps them navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field.

Leap year bug hits TomTom satnavs

TomTom's apologized for a leap year bug that's caused some of its satnav systems to malfunction.

Feds eye elimination of dynamic GPS maps

I can certainly understand the call from Washington and state governments to eliminate distracted driving as much as possible.

Earth hit by major solar storm

One of the biggest solar storms in years is engulfing the Earth, following two flares that erupted on Tuesday.

Shipping at risk from GPS jamming

GPS jammers are threatening shipping, a conference in the UK has been warned.