Chinese government blocking Gmail, Google claims

Google's accused the Chinese government of blocking its Gmail service, making it difficult for local users to access the site.

Obama goes FTW with expanded wireless Internet access

In President Obama’s most recent State of the Union address, he talked about expanding wireless Internet access across America, a plan which was further defined in a White House blog post today.

Analysis: Are the CDC, Feds in denial over health issues?

It’s funny to hear what government types will say. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that the health care system is to blame for causing heart disease, not a poor diet and lack of exercise.

Feds eye open source model for medical data systems

On a mission to modernize, the US government is eyeing an Internet-based healthcare system for easy sharing of health related data between doctors, medical institutions and patients.

For sale: Hacked military and government websites

A particularly gutsy hacker is looking to sell access to military, government and university websites. How much, you ask?

Analysis: Forum for the Future proposes a "Planned-opolis"

The United Kingdom-based think tank Forum for the Future has proposed some interesting views of city life in the future. Their recent animated video depicting a "Planned-opolis" flew under the world’s technology and science radars at the end of last year.

Govt ban on reading Wikileaks cables 'may not be legal'

US government efforts to prevent staff from acessing information released by Wikileaks may not stand up in law, according to a Washington University in St. Louis law professor.

Judge orders Monsanto GMO sugar beets destroyed

A federal judge has ruled - for the first time in US history - that a genetically modified (GM) crop be destroyed.

Australian teen admits government website attacks

A teenager has admitted launching a series of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks against the Australian government.

FDA won’t allow complaints from medical scientists

Nine current and former scientists from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) medical device unit have filed complaints against the government agency related to the safety of medical devices. And for the second time these complaints have been thrown out by federal officials.

Govt. health bullies seek to limit cupcakes in PA

Kids in Pennsylvania schools may soon find their cupcake intake regulated by their state government. That’s right - in order to save the kids from themselves the state school board thinks it’s time to regulate the amount of sweets at school parties.

All your video games are belong to us

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says he is a staunch defender of video games and strongly opposes legislative efforts in California to regulate the industry.

EFF challenges government to prove it needs more surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a suit against three government agencies, aiming to challenge their assertion that 'back doors' should be incorporated into all communications systems for security reasons.

Israeli government buys Twitter account from porn merchant

The Israeli government has bought the @Israel Twitter account from the owner of a pornographic website.

Government may need warrant to access cellphone records

A federal appeals court has ruled that judges can force the government to get a warrant before accessing individuals' cellphone location records.

FBI demands Wikipedia remove seal graphic, battle ensues

The Federal Bureau of Investigations does not like the fact that its Wikipedia entry has a high-resolution image of its seal, but Wikipedia says there's nothing illegal about posting it online.

Government sues Oracle over contract fraud

The US Justice Department has accused Oracle of fraud, and has filed a suit claiming hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Google now selling Apps to the government

Hoping to grab some money away from the federal government's current $76 billion per year computing and software budget, Google today announced that it has a special version of its Apps platform for official government use.

UK government fancies itself as an iPhone developer

The UK government has spent tens of thousands of pounds on developing iPhone apps, the BBC has revealed.

The government releases mobile apps

Want to check TSA wait times, product recalls, or hydrogen fuel locations? Thanks to our government, there are now apps for that.