Gotham Has Its Bruce Wayne

The casting for Gotham, which is the Batman TV prequel, is gaining mucho momentum, and one of the most crucial roles has just been cast, namely Bruce Wayne. Wayne will be played by David Mazouz, who was on the show Touch, starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Fantastic Four, Terminator: Genesis, Gotham Casting News

Right now, there’s a number of major genre properties that are finalizing their casting. Star Wars, of course, is the big daddy, but there’s no official word on that one just yet. There is, however, finally official news on Terminator: Genesis, The Fantastic Four, and the TV show Gotham. 

New Fox Series Gotham Gets Its Commissioner Gordon

Gotham is an upcoming TV show on Fox that will be the prequel to Batman. This show will go way, way back, long before Bruce Wayne wore the bat-suit, and it focuses on the rise of Commissioner Gordon as the city, and the villains who corrupted it, began developing.   

Going Back to Batman's Origins In Gotham

Not only are comic books thriving on the big screen, but they’re going strong on the small screen as well. Besides SHIELD, Arrow, and the upcoming Marvel Netflix series like Daredevil and Iron Fist, there is also a Batman origin series in the works, Gotham.

DC Comics Jumps Into TV With Gotham

It looks like Marvel’s going to have a big hit on TV with S.H.I.E.L.D., and since they’ve become the number one comic company in the known universe, DC is trying desperately to catch up. The comic giants are trying to get more movies in development since the Christopher Nolan Batmans came to an end, and now they’re branching off into TV as well.

XBMC Frodo hits 12.1 with "substantial" fixes

Team XBMC may already be coding Gotham, but that hasn't stopped the crew from upgrading Frodo with a number of "substantial" fixes.

Dark Knight Rises is IMAX’IN out

The opening segment of the original Dark Knight with the Joker pulling off the bank robbery really was quite a remarkable sight.

ABC picks up two more sci-fi/fantasy pilots

After the success of its Disneyesque Once Upon a Time this season, ABC is moving full speed ahead on the sci-fi/fantasy front.