From Raiders to Goonies to Bourne

In an era where "access" in hard for writers to come by, it's pretty damn cool to see major Hollywood players talking to geek sites. 

From The Goonies to Creepy

Yes, writer/director Chris Columbus made melodramatic mush like Stepmom, but you must never forget the man wrote the immortal Goonies, and did a good job with the Harry Potter films too.

Spielberg on Spielberg

Many want to be the biggest and best in life, but if you're an aspiring filmmaker and one day want to knock Steven Spielberg off the top of the mountain, forget it. 

A look back at Back to the Future

Some of my favorite films are time travel stories, including The Time Machine, Terminator, Time After Time, and of course Back to the Future, which thankfully still holds up well today.