Google bars staff from using Windows

Google has reportedly decided that Windows is just too much of a security risk, and is dumping the Microsoft operating system.

Woman gets hit by car, sues Google

A woman injured by a car on a busy road is suing Google for giving her dangerous walking directions.

Will Android become the dominant mobile OS?

Can Google's Android strategy be compared to Microsoft's tactical offensive  against Apple in the late 1980s?

Report: Next-gen Apple TV "based directly" on iPhone 4

Apple is reportedly prepping a next-gen TV which will be "based directly" on the iPhone 4 and carry a $99 price tag.

Oregon issues restraining order against Google

An Oregon judge has ordered Google to preserve WiFi data that was accidentally collected by the company’s Street View cars.

Senior Palm designer ditches WebOS for Android

Palm's senior director of Human Interface and User Experience has ditched WebOS for Google's Android.

Nexus One is $120 more expensive at retail store

Google has landed its first retail deal in the US to sell its Nexus One phone, but there's a catch - the phone will cost $300 instead of the $180 that users were charged at Google's online store.

Google blocks Analytics data collection

Google is promoting a browser add-on tool designed to block data collection from its own Analytics platform.

Google Pac-Man trashes US economy

Never, ever apply for a job at RescueTime. They're hard taskmasters.

Google Chrome goes stable for Mac and Linux

Google has released a stable version of its popular Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Report: Microsoft planning major entertainment reshuffle

The undisputed success of Apple and Google in the portable device market has apparently prompted Microsoft to plan "major organizational changes" in the division responsible for Windows Phone, Zune HD and the Xbox 360.

Google Is The Keymaster to The Future of Computing

After Google’s successful I/O show last week new voices claim it as the new anti-Apple or a new Microsoft.

Pac-Man eats Google-dots

Google is celebrating Pac-Man's 30th birthday by offering web surfers access to a free version of the classic title.

Google debuts Android 2.2 for mobile devices

Google has debuted its long-awaited Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system for mobile devices.

Google TV hits the airwaves

Google has confirmed that it is working with Sony and Logitech to include its open TV platform in televisions, Blu-ray players and set top boxes.

Nvidia showcases dual-core Tegra 2 tablet

Nvidia's sleek, dual-core Tegra 2 prototype tablet has taken center stage at Google's I/O conference.

Is Google's VP8 codec ready for prime time?

Is Google's VP8 codec ready for prime time? Well, not according to digital video expert Jason Garrett-Glaser, who described the spec as slow, buggy and nearly identical to H.264.

Google still has hopes for facial recognition

Google is reportedly discussing how it can get away with introducing facial recognition technology in the light of increasing criticism over its privacy policies.

Google showcases Chrome web store

Google is showcasing its newly-minted Chrome web store at the 2010 I/O conference in San Francisco.

Google and VMware form joint Cloud venture

Google and VMware have teamed up to facilitate the rapid expansion of the lucrative Cloud computing market.