Google's "Caffeine" system gives a pick-me-up to search

When you run a search on Google, your results are going to be just a little more up-to-date, thanks to a new search infrastructure that was just announced.

Firefox growth stagnates; Chrome attacks

Internet Explorer keeps declining, and Mozilla needs to keep a watch on the Google at its back.

Wifi data collection 'not illegal', says Google

Google has denied that it did anything wrong in collecting Wifi data with its Street View cars, as Connecticut becomes the latest state to demand answers.

Australia launches police investigation into Google security breach

Australia's attorney general has called for a police investigation of Google's collection of Wifi data by Street View cars.

Google Music logo spotted in the wild

A Google Music logo spotted on the 'Net may indicate that the Mountain View-based company is poised to take on Apple iTunes with its own Android-based service.

Google transfers WiFi data to European regulators

European regulators are set to receive data inadvertently collected by Google from unsecured WiFi networks across the Continent.  

Apple blocks non-Safari browsers from HTML5 demo

Apple has imposed a strict "Safari only" policy for its recently launched HTML5 demo. Other browsers - including Google's Chrome - are blocked from loading the showcase features.

Google tests Twitter integration in ads

Baboons with MBAs who can type 140 characters a minute jump to front of employment line.

Single engineer caused Street View scandal, says Schmidt

Google says the massive furore over Wifi snooping by Street View cars was all the fault of one software engineer.

Linux smartphones to claim 33% market share by 2015

ABI Research has predicted that Linux-enabled smartphones - led by Google's Android - will comprise 33% of the global smartphone market by 2015.

Google helps you find the right iPhone app

That's not a typo in the headline; Google has updated its mobile search engine so that people who run a search from their iPhone will be provided with a list of matching apps. gets a bit more customizable

Google has unveiled a new feature that allows users to upload their own pictures to use as the background image on's main landing page, without affecting the search platform's load times.

Should Android "fragmentation" concern Google?

Should the so-called "fragmentation" of the popular Android mobile OS concern Google? Well, not according to Dan Morrill, who described the over-used term as having "little to do" with reality.

Google focuses on Chrome laptop adoption

Google's initial release of its long-awaited Chrome operating system is expected to focus on the lucrative laptop sector.

Microsoft hits back at Google over security

Microsoft has responded angrily to claims that Google is banning Windows from staffers' machines.

New Android handset offers free analog TV reception

Wireless data service firm Innocomm has partnered with Telegent Systems, a provider of free analog TV reception for smartphones, to bring out the first Android phone with built-in TV accessibility.

It's not just the iPhone: Google pulls apps from Android

Although Apple's arbitrary and capricious censorship on the iPhone App Store has become legendary, even the most self-proclaimed open app platform on the market has to regulate itself sometimes.

Microsoft to Google: Suck it, we search with Bing

Google ditches Windows. Hell breaks loose! Pink newspaper roils the Internets. Windows users cry, "D'oh!"

Overconfident Microsoft downplays Android threat

Does Google's wildly popular Android mobile OS pose a clear and present danger to Microsoft Windows? 

Nvidia says Windows too bloated for tablets

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has opined that Android - rather than Windows - will power the majority of next-gen tablet devices.