A very bitter Viacom says Youtube verdict was "flawed"

Viacom, otherwise known as the corporate crybaby that hates Youtube more than anyone else, has officially filed the motion for appealing a landmark ruling against Youtube in which it was shut down of its hopes to bilk $1 billion from the video sharing site.

Critics vociferously outraged at net neutrality talks

Apparently people don't like it when giant corporate behemoths start talking about how to change the way the Internet works for the purpose of lining their pocketbooks.

Google continues buying binge with Jambool

Not even a week after acquiring social gaming company Slide.com, Google has reportedly made a deal to purchase Jambool, a largely unknown startup focused on the niche market of virtual currency.

Police storm the offices of Google Korea

National Police Agency officers in South Korea today raided Google office space in the country to find evidence that the search giant was illegally storing private user information.

Google and Verizon outline Net neutrality roadmap

Google and Verizon have jointly proposed a "neutrality" roadmap in an effort to define how Internet services should be regulated in the future.

Google terminates Android root app

Google has unceremoniously removed an "Easy Root" application from its Android marketplace. 

Symbian unimpressed with Android

The Symbian Foundation continues to wonder why everyone is making such a fuss over Google's popular mobile Android operating system.

Hidden Motorola message shows Droid X gets Android 2.2 by September

After several weeks of speculation about which phones will be getting the latest version of Android and when the updates will happen, there's finally an official word from one of the phone manufacturers.

Google Slides into home plate with social gaming acquisition

In what is by far the biggest move from Google into online gaming, the search giant has reportedly agreed to pay $182 million to acquire social game developer Slide.

Google, Verizon keeping "net neutrality" discussion active

For most people, the topic of net neutrality, or the process of tiering up Internet service among various users, was put aside a long time ago, but Google and Verizon have apparently been working together on the subject for quite a while. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two communications giants have been actively coming up with solutions that would improve overall network efficiency.

200,000 Android smartphones activated per day

Did you know that at least 200,000 Android smartphones are activated on a daily basis?

Google rides the Wave until the end

Google has officially ended development of its nascent web-based Wave application due to a lack of user adoption.

Nexus One does 720p with a side of Froyo

Google may be slowly phasing out its flagship Nexus One, but the popular smartphone still has plenty to offer - such as shooting 720p video in all its HD glory.

Google's Android triumphs over RIM's BlackBerry

Google's Android OS has continued its meteoric rise by displacing RIM's BlackBerry and claiming first place amongst operating systems in handsets sold to US consumers.

Now you can have multiple Gmail accounts open at once

If you've got multiple Gmail accounts, like Clark Kent probably would if he were around today, you can now have them open at the same time instead of going through the redundant cycle of logging out and logging back in.

Android root kit steals smartphone data

Spider Labs has released a root kit that could potentially allow hackers to access emails and text messages on Android-based smartphones. 

China is now the world's second largest economy

The People's Republic of China - also known as Zhōngguó - has eclipsed Japan and is now the world's second largest economy.

Outcry as UK watchdog clears Google of snooping

The UK's Information Commissioner has ruled that Google did no harm with its unauthorised collection of Wifi data, a move which has angered privacy campaigners.

Youtube video limit upped from 10 minutes to 15 minutes

Fulfilling the most requested change to Google's video sharing site, Youtube has finally increased the length of videos that users can upload to a more accommodating 15 minutes.

As many as 4 million people downloaded data-stealing Android app

A seemingly innocuous Android app that let users change their phone's wallpaper has actually been stealing private user information and may have been downloaded millions of times.