Fennec does Android

Mozilla has released an official Alpha version of its mobile Fennec browser for users of Google's Android OS.

Gmail phone calling tallies a million calls in 24 hours

Google's intriguing new service that allows users to place phone calls directly from Gmail is apparently a hit. At least, it was intriguing enough to log more than a million calls in its first day.

How to make free phone calls with Gmail

Google is currently allowing US-based Gmail users to make free phone calls throughout North America.

Game guru leaves Google

Google "Gaming Advocate" Mark DeLoura is packing his bags and leaving the Mountain View-based company for greener pastures after a short, four-month stint.

Next Gmail feature may be VoIP

Google is expected to make an announcement as early as today about a brand new Gmail feature, and initial leaks suggest calling features like missed call icons and voicemail notifications will be added to Google Talk.

Google responds to Android app licensing hack

Google has responded to a claim that Android Market apps can be easily hacked, patched and stripped of their licensing protection.

Google updates iPhone app for seamless Gmail access

Let's face it - even if you're not a Google Android fanboy you probably still have a Gmail account. Google has just rolled out a new mobile app that makes checking that e-mail account a bit easier on the iPhone.

Google tests live updates for search

Google is testing what it calls 'streaming' search, where results change with every letter typed.

Chrome gets patched, digital bounty hunters get paid

Google patches Chrome while digital bounty hunters collect the big bucks.

Google sells out of Nexus One developer phone

Developers have bought up the entire stock of the Nexus One, says Google's Tim Bray, calling the device 'a little too popular'.

Cosmo sex position app hits Android market

Cosmo magazine (not Kramer) has debuted a kinky, yet educational sex positions app on Google's Android market.

HTC builds a Chrome tablet

HTC is reportedly prepping a sexy tablet powered by Google's long-awaited Chrome operating system.

Soon you'll be able to play games in your Chrome browser

After months of preparation in buying and investing in online video game companies, Google will be launching its very own games platform for its Chrome Internet browser.

Google to add Like.com to its pockets for $100 million

The latest company to be blessed with a Google acquisition is Like.com, an intriguing website specializing in "visual search," a technology Google has been toying with for years.

Does Oracle's anti-Google rampage benefit Apple?

Larry Ellison and Oracle do not want Google's Android to keep on rockin' in the free world. 

Google responds to net neutrality critics with huge blog post

Google has issued a response to the thousands of news articles that have popped up since it first discussed its ideas for an end to net neutrality.

Oracle sues Google over use of Java in Android

In what's set to be one of the biggest-ever patent fights in the tech industry, Oracle has accused Google of infringing several of its Java patents with the development of Android.

Chrome to Phone is here!

Chrome to Phone allows users to quickly send content to Froyo-powered (Android 2.2) phones. The latest official extension for the popular browser currently supports the instant transfer of web pages, maps, YouTube videos, phone numbers and text.

Google enables voice action for Android

Woah, Google's Android mobile OS just became even cooler! So, stop eyeing that shiny iPhone 4 or lusting after the burning BlackBerry Torch - because now you can issue voice commands to your Android smartphone.

No matter what it looks like, Rubik's Cube can be solved in 20 moves

There's an earth-shattering new piece of research that just came out, which is guaranteed to have you looking at that Rubik's Cube on your desk with more determination than ever before.