Google working on real-time Android speech translation

Just say the word "hello" into your Android phone and you'll instantly hear a response of "bonjour" or "hola," if Google's latest research actually comes to fruition.

Leaked documents show biggest AdWords spenders

A leaked document has shown how much big brands are spending on Google AdWords - and Apple and its products are the biggest drivers.

Android marches forward as iOS slips

Google's Android army is marching bravely forward, while Apple's iOS continues to rapidly lose market share.

Google hits back against anti-trust complaints

Google is fighting back against an anti-trust inquiry ordered by Texas' attorney general, saying that some of the companies making complaints have links to Microsoft.

Google pays up to settle Buzz security lawsuit

Google's agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit over claims that its Buzz social networking service violated users' privacy, and has agreed to further simplify its privacy policy.

FCC delays critical net neutrality decision

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, the government has decided to hold off on taking a firm stance in the net neutrality debate.

Creepy anti-Google ad screened in Times Square

Consumer Watchdog has stepped up its campaign against Google, taking out a massive ad in Times Square to mock CEO Eric Schmidt.

Faster Chrome browser gives JavaScript a boost

Google is marking the second anniversary of Chrome with the launch of a newer, optimized version of the popular browser.

AOL renews ad deal with Google

AOL's renewed its search advertising deal with Google for another five years, and expanded it to include mobile search and YouTube.

Palm introduces webOS 2.0

Palm has finally released a beta version of its webOS 2.0 SDK. The latest iteration of the operating system boasts some really sweet features, so come on in and check them out!

Web 3.0 is just around the corner

OMG, Web 2.0 sucks big time! Google, Node.js Knockout, Electric Lazer Commanders, and Seattle.js are rocking my world and pointing the way to Web 3.0!

TweetDeck Beta Preview for Android shows promise

A beta preview of the popular social networking tool gets road tested here. Some day all TweetDecks will be built this way.

Samsung Android tablet may be going to Verizon

It is quite possible that a Samsung "Galaxy" tablet device, not a Droid tablet, will be the first non-phone Android device to make its way to Verizon Stores within the next several months.

Google buys SocialDeck. Yep, another social media company

Google has acquired a mobile social gaming company called SocialDeck, in what is just its latest addition to a shopping spree of social media startups.

Microsoft brings Google competitor Bing to Android

Microsoft and Verizon have come together to provide an alternative to Google on Google's own operating system. The newly minted Bing app will come exclusively to Android customers with Verizon service.

New Gmail inbox prioritizes mail

Google's added a new feature to Gmail: a Priority Inbox allowing users to sift the important mail from the run-of-the-mill.

Google bigs up the competition as DoJ probes ITA deal

Google has confirmed that the Department of Justice is to expand its investigation into its proposed acquisition of flight information software provider ITA Software.

Pay-per-view movies coming to YouTube?

YouTube is said to be negotiating with major Hollywood studios to offer streamed, pay-per-view movies by the end of the year.

Google buys yet another social media company, Angstro

There is no questioning Google's eagerness to catapult into the social networking arena. It has just pulled out its wallet to add another company to its growing social portfolio.

Paul Allen sues practically everybody over patents

A company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a patent lawsuit against 11 companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook.