Princeton computer scientists find new way to track spread of ideas

Computer scientists at Princeton University computer scientists have developed a new way to track the beginning and the spread of ideas. This new method could make it easier to measure how influential some ideas really are. 

Obama hits up Google execs for cash

This week, President Barack Obama took a break from his exhausting schedule of finger wagging and golfing to hobnob with Google execs in Silicon Valley.

Google says it "mistakenly" intercepted e-mails and passwords

Google has confirmed that its Street View cars "mistakenly collected" unencrypted WiFi payload data while mapping city streets.

Google prepares to deploy high speed fiber networks

Google plans to build an ultra-high speed, fiber-based broadband network on California's Stanford University campus. Internet speeds are expected to hit a blazing 1 gigabit per second - more than 100 times faster than what most people have access to today.

Three percent of Germans opt out of Street View

Google's admitted that nearly three percent of German households have opted to have their houses blurred on Street View in the run-up to the German launch.

Apple vs. Google vs. RIM vs. TweetDeck: Why losers and winners shouldn't trash talk

Don’t get me wrong - the kind of drama going on in the tech world right now is like candy to a baby for me and I certainly don’t want it to stop.  

Google Street View scanning broke Canadian law

Canada's privacy commissioner has ticked off Google over its unauthorized collection of personal data with its Street Vew cars, saying it broke local laws.

Steve Jobs remains unimpressed with Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains utterly unimpressed with Google's popular Android mobile operating system.

Google builds a bridge to the cloud

Google has introduced a Cloud Connect feature for the latest iteration of its Search Appliance that allows users to search across on-premise and cloud-based content from a single box. 

Google says Android's next year will earn $1 billion

How much can you earn when you have the most popular mobile operating system in the US? Apparently more than $1 billion a year.

NBC puts an end to Google TV ad deal

When it comes to securing and selling ad time on TV networks, apparently Google just can't make the cut.

Rumor: Android Gingerbread SDK launch imminent

Google is reportedly putting the finishing touches on its streamlined Android Gingerbread SDK, which could launch as early as next week.

Sony introduces Internet TV, the world's first Google TV

If you want to try out Google's brand new "TV operating system" before the end of the year, you're gonna have to buy a Sony Internet TV.

Is Android a recipe for mobile success?

It seems as if Google's Android represents a surefire recipe for success in the crowded mobile marketplace.

Google invests in offshore wind project

Google's invested in a project to build a 350-mile power transmission backbone along the US East Coast.

Cloud computing market to hit $121.1 billion by 2015

The global cloud computing market is projected to reach a staggering $121.1 billion by 2015.

Google test drives autonomous vehicles

Google has deployed a fleet of autonomous cars equipped with radar sensors and laser range finders capable of "seeing" and interacting with other vehicles on the road.

Twitter now runs a billion searches every day

Twitter has just completed an overhaul of its back-end search architecture for users who are looking for specific users or messages, and it says it is now more capable ot handling the one billion queries that are generated each and every day.

Android apps to go on sale through

In an attempt to strike up more interest in the Android platform not just for consumers but for developers as well, Amazon has announced it will begin selling Android apps from its trusted and well-known online storefront.

Yahoo rolling out refreshed design for search results

As it continues on a path to regain some of its once venerable position on the Internet, Yahoo has detailed some of its plans for a completely revamped search results page.