Nexus One may be first to get Android 2.3

Just as it did for the groundbreaking Android 2.2 update, Google's only internally-developed mobile phone is reportedly likely to get the honors of being the first to receive an upgrade to Android 2.3.

Claim: Female Googler sexually assaulted by Twitter engineer

A female Googler has accused a Twitter engineer of sexually assaulting her during an ApacheCon after-party.

Google launches mobile Instant search

Google's launched its Instant search feature for the iPhone 4 and Android 2.2 smartphones, and is promising support for more OSs in the months to come.

Report: Google Election Center app failed voters

An Election Center app coded by Google to help citizens locate their assigned ballot boxes reportedly sent thosands of American voters to the wrong polling places.

What the US elections mean for alternative energy, Google, Facebook and Tech

The people in the US have spoken and sent a rather alarming message to the US government and that message is "you are on the wrong track."  

Britain rules on Street View data-gathering

Britain's privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office, has reached a conclusion about Google's illegal gathering of Wifi data with its Street View cars.

Google recruits digital bounty hunters

Google is significantly expanding its vulnerability reward program to include multiple web properties.

Report: Google prepping Chrome-based smartbook for November launch

Google is reportedly planning to launch an indigenously designed Chrome-powered "smartbook" in an effort to encourage the operating system’s widespread adoption.

23% of Android phones are far outdated

According to the latest statistics released by Google, only 36.2% of Android phones are running the most current version of the operating system, and 23% are running versions that are over a year old.

Google calls govt anticompetitive (yes, that's the right way round)

Google is suing the US Department of the Interior, saying it shouldn't have made up its mind in advance that it wanted a messaging solution based on Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite.

Nexus Two will be most powerful Android yet, first Android 2.3

Although Google will not be internally designing the successor to its well-reviewed-but-never-sold Nexus One, it will still be as noteworthy - maybe more.

Rumor: Samsung and Google prep Nexus Two for November launch

Google and Samsung are reportedly prepping a next-gen Nexus smartphone for a November 8th launch in New York City.

Google hires butlers and maids for employees

Google is apparently hiring a battalion of well-groomed butlers and curtseying maids for its pampered staff.

FTC lets Google off the hook over Street View data gathering

The FTC has closed its investigation into Google's unauthorized collection of customer data with its Street View cars, concluding that the company's now taken adequate steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

What is Google spending $2.9 billion on?

$2.9 billion is certainly a tidy sum, even for a mega-corporation like Google. 

Barnes & Noble Nook gets color makeover

Barnes & Noble has debuted a color, 7-inch e-reader powered by Google’s Android OS. Dubbed NOOKcolor, the latest iteration of the popular device is priced at a very reasonable $250.

Travel companies set up lobbying group to fight Google/ITA deal

Several online travel companies have teamed up to fight Google's proposed acquisition of ITA Software.

Gemalto becomes latest company to sue Google over Android

Security firm Gemalto is suing Google, claiming that its Dalvik virtual machine violates its patents.

Android Market: Now serving 100,000 apps

Google's wildly popular Android market has hit a major milestone: over 100,000 apps and counting!

Logitech Revue torn down and dissected

Well, that didn't take long! Yes, the Google-powered Logitech Revue was unceremoniously torn down and dissected over the weekend by the talented folks at iFixit. Want to see what's inside?