Google may have just paid $2.5 billion for Groupon

If you believe the rumor mill, it looks like Google has just completed a huge acquisition to buy the global deal site Groupon, at a blistering price tag of $2.5 billion.

Expect Google TV to make a CES splash

January's 2011 CES show may very well be the moment when Google's TV operating system goes from neat concept to market-dominating super power, as more companies are expected to add to the repertoire of Google TV-enabled products, highlighting the important of Internet-powered TV sets moving forward.

Changes coming to Android Market

If you think searching through the Android Market is the least elegant Google process there is, you're not alone. And now Google is promising significant changes to the way app information is displayed.

Google adds time travel to Sky Map

Google's putting a planetarium in your pocket with the launch of a new feature on its Sky Map app.

Woz says Android destined to rule

Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak believes Google's popular Android Operating System (OS) will eventually dominate the highly-competitive mobile universe.

Is the GOP readying an anti-Google barrage?

The GOP-dominated House may be preparing to crack down on Google's allegedly "inappropriate" ties with the floundering Obama administration.

Google Docs gets a mobile makeover

Google is rolling out a mobile version of its popular cloud-based Docs platform.

Google rolls out "Hotpot" service to increase social mobile

Google has launched a new service called Hotpot, a bright and colorful new social way to find the best restaurants and stores in your area.

Nexus One successor to be a mobile credit card?

While we still have virtually no details about what Google's alleged follow-up to the Nexus One phone will be able to do, thanks to a presentation from CEO Eric Schmidt yesterday, we're pretty sure that mobile payments is at the top of the list.

Google launching fashion site as part of search makeover?

Google's reported to be about to launch a fashion website tomorrow, after yesterday announcing upgrades to its product search service.

Google mysteriously teases Gingerbread update

We're all waiting for details about Android's next major update, known as "Gingerbread" which will bring the operating system to version 2.3. After waiting through last week with no new info, Google is now teasing us with a new Twitter message.

Google queries predict stock market volumes

There's a link between the number of Google searches performed on a company and the amount of financial trading in its shares, according to a German/US team.

Googler offers cash for Kinect hacks

A Google software engineer is offering two, $1,000 cash prizes for intrepid hackers willing to get down and dirty with Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect.

Facebook may be launching its own e-mail service

As it stands now, the only reason you ever need to leave Facebook is to check your e-mail. That may soon change.

Best Buy's "Nexus S" listing creates confusion and rumors

It didn't take more than a few minutes after it was noticed for to take down a reference it had on its site to the "Nexus S" phone, but thanks to the power of the Internet now everyone is buzzing about it.

Hapless Googler fired over leaked memo

A hapless Googler is looking for a new job after leaking an internal memo about a company-wide, 10% pay raise.

Is Android a secure OS?

Google's Android is one of the most popular operating systems for both smartphones and tablet devices. But is the OS secure enough to protect critical user data from unfriendly eyes?

Google connects Android with Google TV in new Youtube app

There's a new app for Android that may not seem like a big deal but could be the launching pad for more interesting things to come that will link Google's mobile platform with its TV platform.

Google gives holiday bonus to all its staff

Google's giving a ten percent raise to every one of its 23,000 employees, along with a $1,000 bonus.

Watchdog says Google has "unusually" close ties to Obama

A government watchdog has accused President Barack Obama of maintaining "unusually close" ties to Google.