Google says the Cloud is our future

Google believes the arrival of Chrome OS heralds nothing less than a brave new world in which Windows and OSX-based machines have little future.

Google Chrome OS hopes to bring netbook sexy back

If someone were to ask you what gadgets you most wanted this Christmas, you’d likely have a smartphone on the list, perhaps a tablet or maybe a brand new powerful notebook.

Connecticut AG subpoenas Google Street View data

Connecticut's Attorney General is demanding access to WiFi data improperly collected from unsecured businesses and personal networks by roving Google Street View cars.

Justin Bieber, iPad, Glee: it's Google's top searches of 2010

It's that time of year, folks. Everyone's looking back at what happened over the last 11 months as we round out the end of 2010, and there's no better way to see what made news this year than to look at the most searched terms on Google.

Google accused of inflating Android activation numbers

There was all sorts of buzz yesterday over Google's claim that it is activating new Android devices at a pace of 300,000 per day. But someone's calling shenanigans on that.

Google's next big thing: "search without search"

Having dominated the search market for several years, Google has never been one to just rest on its laurels. Its latest leap is to build a search infrastructure that can practically read your mind before you ever type anything into that search box.

Android activations now a staggering 300K per day

The people behind the scenes at Google's mobile division certainly have their hands full right now as their system is now powering up 300,000 new devices each and every day.

Facebook and Google should pay us, say European telcos

While telcos in the US are starting to accept the principles of net neutrality, their European counterparts are taking a different approach. They're asking for companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google to help pay for network investments as data usage soars.

Chrome OS: Why Google won't beat Microsoft Windows

Notice the key word in the title is won’t - not can’t. Sure, any vendor can be beaten but you have to first be willing to do what it takes to win.

Android Google Maps to get a whole lot cooler

If you're anything like me, when you load up Google Maps on your Android phone you're either frustrated or have just learned to live with its slow load times and lack of reliability. That's going to change.

Google details Chrome notebook specs

Google's prototype Chrome OS-powered notebook (Cr-48) boasts a 10-second boot time, 12.1 inch screen, full-sized keyboard & touch pad, integrated 3G from Verizon, eight hours of battery life and eight days of standby time.

Lo and behold, the Nexus S is real

It doesn't get any more official than this. Google has launched an official product page for the Nexus S, the successor to its widely-acclaimed-but-poor-selling Nexus One Android phone.

Report: Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th

Google will reportedly launch its very first Chrome OS netbook on December 7th.

Google looks to identify searches for pirated content

Google's aiming to pick out searches for illegal content as part of a crack-down on copyright infringement.

Google promises to help governments monitor deforestation

With widespread pessimism about the outcome of the Cancun climate summit this week, there's already one good thing that's come out of it - from Google.

Google offers $1 of sweet vindication in Street View lawsuit

As the Google Street View car trolls roads nationwide, it seems to leave a trail of angry citizens in its wake.

Google acts to stop dodgy vendors profiting from poor service

Google has changed its search algorithm to try and ensure that merchants delivering poor service can no longer benefit from complaints.

Google e-book store may be ready for holidays

Never one to let some sort of cyber trend pass it by, Google wants to launch its own digital book marketplace, and according to reports may be able to launch it as early as this month.

Google hit by wide-ranging EU anti-trust investigation

The EU has opened an anti-trust investigation into Google in reponse to allegations that it unfairly promotes its own services in search results.

Microsoft: What a difference a year makes

Microsoft is likely to top the list of the most improved companies for 2011. Indeed, 2009 ended a decade of disappointing personal technology products from Redmond - particularly Windows Vista -  which left many of us wondering if MS could do anything right.