Torrent-Finder fights domain seizure with Google

The US government - along with organizations like the RIAA and the MPAA - are hitting Torrent sites where it hurts.

 Indeed, due to a slew of recent domain seizures, affected websites are currently experiencing major dips in traffic. 

Facebook surpasses Google as the Internet's top dog

According to reports, Facebook has managed to claim the Internet's top spot as most popular site online, finally pulling ahead of the long reigning champion, Google.

Google PowerMeter gets new hardware

Google has another partner for its free energy monitoring tool, adding the PowerCost Monitor by Blue Line Innovations. 

Android up to 200,000 apps already?

It seems just yesterday we were talking about Google's mobile operating system boasting about reaching 100,000 apps on the Android Market. Now, according to a new report, there are already more than 200,000.

Google and UN to monitor Sudan referendum via satellite

A pressure group founded by George Clooney has teamed up with the UN, Harvard University and Google to use satellite images to try and monitor next month's referendum in Sudan.

Logitech insists Revue production remains on track

Logitech has denied reports that Google asked it to halt production of the Revue box until pending software "issues" were addressed.

Google may have told Logitech to stop the Revue

Google really isn't happy with its TV operating system. In addition to telling companies not to mention their Google TV products at CES next month, now it looks like the search company is actively stopping production on a device that's already been released.

Nexus One on the fast-track to get Android 2.3

When Android 2.2 finally made its way to the public airwaves, it was the Nexus One that was first to receive the update. And it's living up to that reputation again this time, with Android 2.3 expected to hit the handset in a matter of weeks.

Google tells TV companies not to mention Google TV

Yikes. It was supposed to be one of the biggest stories at next month's huge CES trade show, but now Google is telling anyone who had a Google TV product planned in their lineup to no longer show it off, as it goes back to the drawing board to improve the software.

Google Street View gets woman's panties in a bunch

A Japanese woman is getting her panties in a bunch - quite literally - and suing Google for 600,000 Yen ($7151) after seeing her underwear displayed on Street View.

Google launches tool tracking cultural trends

Google and Harvard University have launched a searchable database of over five million books - about four percent of all books that have ever been printed.

Android "Honeycomb" tossing buttons like a bad habit

Whether it's the iPhone, Xbox 360 Kinect, or now the latest version of Android, it looks like the concept of having to press buttons is becoming a thing of the past.

Microsoft presents huge changes to Bing

You've gotta hand it to Microsoft. After being literally suffocated by Google in the search market, it has managed to bounce back in a big way with Bing. And it's because of things like this latest batch of updates Microsoft just revealed.

Google develops 'Google Earth for the human body'

Google's working on a new WebGL application that maps the human body in 3D.

Video: Google launches Nexus S smartphones into space

Google engineers recently catapulted 7 Nexus S smartphones to the edge of space using huge helium-filled weather balloons.

Former Googler claims Android will kill Chrome OS

A former high-ranking Googler believes that Chrome OS will either be "killed" by Android, or forced to merge with the popular mobile operating system.

HTML5 brings Gmail to Apple, 44 new languages

If you live in South America, speak Brazilian Portugese, and use an iPad for all your Internet access, then you're in luck. Google has finally brought Gmail support your way.

Android Market update gives 15-minute refund window

If you accidentally clicked to buy an app, the app was not as advertised, or you simply didn't like it, you've always had 24 hours to "return" anything you purchased on the Android Market. Not anymore.

Google Latitude finally hits iPhone

Google's location-aware mobile social app Latitude is now finally available for users to download on the iPhone, after it had previously been rejected from the App Store.

Paul Allen told to be more precise over patent allegations

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has seen his patent suit against more or less everybody that's ever seen a computer thrown out by a judge.