Which search engine would win at Jeopardy?

IBM's Watson computer is widely tipped to take the crown when its appearance in Jeopardy is screened next month.

Kongregate Arcade...It's back!

Kongregate Arcade has returned to Google’s Android market after being abruptly removed for allegedly violating stringent app guidelines.

Personal base station eliminates roaming costs

A Google-backed startup in the UK has launched a personal femtocell which allows travelers to make and receive calls without paying roaming charges.

Google Cloud printing for mobile devices goes live

Google has launched a beta version of its Cloud Print service for mobile documents and mobile Gmail, with the new capabilities expected to be rolled out to English speaking users in the US over the next few days.

How to opt-out with Google's Chrome browser

Google has introduced a Chrome browser extension that allows users to permanently opt out from ad tracking cookies.

Google attempts to take spam off the menu

Google's conceding that its search results are sometimes less than ideal, and is promising new efforts to reduce the amount of spam that it generates.

Kongregate CEO "shocked" over Google Arcade ban

Kongregate CEO Jim Greer says he is shocked by Google's controversial removal of an Arcade app from the Android Market. 

Google says it wants a mobile revolution

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says Mountain View is preparing to spearhead a mobile revolution that will help redefine the role of the smartphone.

Google bans Kongregate from Android Market

Google has unceremoniously banned Kongregate from its Android Market after only one day on the virtual shelves.

Ally and Acclaim smartphones finally get Android 2.2

It took long enough, but the LG Ally and Samsung Acclaim smartphones have finally been upgraded to Android 2.2, the version of Google's operating system that most users have been using for months now.

Spain tells Google to remove 'libelous' links

Google will this week appear in a Spanish court to fight a government demand to remove search results which have been claimed to be defamatory.

Battle over snubbed H.264 continues to rage

The battle over Google's decision to unceremoniously drop support for H.264 in future versions of its Chrome browser continues to rage on the 'Net, with many journalists and analysts decrying the controversial move. 

Report: Android apps disappear from market

A number of Android devs are reporting that their mobile apps have been unceremoniously and "wrongfully unpublished" from Google's Android market.

Mobile Youtube streaming hits 200 million videos/day

It wasn't that long ago that the vast majority of people didn't access the Internet at all with their cell phones. Now, you have statistics like this.

Google initiates a science fair for the world

Blast away those school auditorium walls because Google is taking the creativity and emerging science acumen from young students and giving them a platform to showcase their work on a global scale.

Google cuts Chrome H.264 support

Google has confirmed that future versions of its Chrome browser will no longer support the classic H.264 codec standard. According to Mountain View, H.264 was dropped to enable the proper allocation of resources for future open codecs technologies.

Now your phone's better at Sudoku than you

Well, if you thought Sudoku was pointless before, now it really is. It's now possible for even the most innumerate player to solve any puzzle in seconds - simply by asking Google Goggles.

Users don't think search engines need government regulation

Most Americans believe that search engines are doing a fine job of ranking search answers, and don't believe they need government regulation.

Video: Hardcore Revue hack enables Android market

Fire up your soldering iron baby, because this uber-cool hack is extra hardcore and most definitely not for the faint of heart!

Sweet! Google showcases Android Honeycomb

Google's Android devs have released an official video demonstrating the awesome sweetness of Android Honeycomb (3.0).