Google targets content farms with major algorithm change

Google's made a major change to its search algorithm, designed to deliver higher-quality results, which it says will noticeably affect nearly 12 percent of queries.

Google's 'Nexus' phones poised for update

While Google's Nexus One showed miserable sales numbers, customers who bought one are actually pretty lucky since it seems to be a priority for Google to update. That will continue to be true as all Nexus users will soon get Android 2.3, AKA Gingerbread.

Android Market grows over 861% in one year

Android has been called the fastest growing mobile platform ever in the history of the world, and now we have some numbers that pretty much back that up. The last 12 months have been quite an amazing ride for the Google operating system.

Google Street View sparks Israeli security concerns

Plans to photograph Israeli cities for Google's Street View platform has sparked security concerns amongst various officials who fear the data could be exploited to help terrorist organizations plan attacks.

Google highlights social content in search results

Google's updated its social search algorithm to give more prominence to results from a user's friends.

Google thumbs nose at Apple with cheaper subscription service

Google's launched its own digital newspaper subscription service just a day after Apple - and it will cost publishers only a third as much.

Will Facebook buy Twitter?

Last week, rumors about Google or Facebook buying Twitter were swirling around the murky ether of the Internet. The rumor, originally reported by the Wall Street Journal, was rebuffed by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Google: Android "fastest-growing" mobile platform in the world

Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Mobile World Congress attendees that approximately 300,000 Android devices are now activated on a daily basis.

Google & Microsoft lure Nokia away from MeeGo and Symbian with cash

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors over Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s plans to fire some high level execs tomorrow at an analyst meeting in London. Everyone is talking about Elop’s vision of a new Nokia, but some argue that money could play an important role in the changes. In the meantime, both Microsoft and Google are supposedly offering Nokia hundreds of millions of dollars to switch to Windows 7 or Android operating systems.

Android skyrockets while Blackberry tumbles

Some new numbers from mobile industry tracker Comscore are in, and the picture they paint is so extremely stark it's almost eye-popping.

Google deluged with job applications

After announcing last week that it planned to hire 6,000 employees this year, Google has received a few applications - 75,000, to be precise.

Google offers $20K bounty to hack Chrome browser

Yes, it's Pwn2Own time again! And this year, Google is offering a cool $20K bounty to any hacker capable of cracking its popular Chrome browser.

Android Market website finally offers easy way to find apps

Despite the fact that Android is the world's most popular smartphone platform and developers from all over the planet are eager to get apps running on it, the process of finding an Android app has remained a clunky and user-unfriendly process. Finally, that has changed.

Google brings Street View into world's greatest galleries

Google has teamed up with museums and galleries around the world to create Google Art Project - a sort of Street View of art.  

Search Wars: Google says Bing is "cheating" and "copying"

Get in the frakkin' ring! Oh yeah, it's definitely on now, because Google is accusing Microsoft of "cheating" and "copying" search results.

Analysis: Consumer Watchdog’s complaints against Google

Consumer Watchdog has taken their public war of words with Google to a whole new level. The group’s recent 32-page report generates complaints that suggest Google is benefitting from US corporatism.

Old tech lets Egyptians' voices be heard

Google and Twitter have come up with a way to let Egyptians tweet despite the country's internet shut-down.

Rumor suggests February 2 launch event for Honeycomb

Sources say that Google is planning to officially lift the veil on Android version 3.0, otherwise known as Honeycomb, in just two days.

Android topples Symbian, it was only a matter of time

For years and years, it seemed like nothing would ever dethrone Nokia's Symbian as the top smartphone platform in the world, but thanks to Google's rising presence in the mobile community and a continuing decline from Nokia, it finally happened.

Google facing criticism over relationship with US government, privacy

Don’t be evil. Google claims that’s their company motto but consumer and taxpayer advocacy group, Consumer Watchdog has accused the Internet giant of committing misdeeds last week.