Google engineers insist 20% time is not dead—it’s just turned into 120% time

Under Larry Page, launching new initiatives is not for the faint of heart. A lively debate among current and former Google engineers is waging on Hacker News about Quartz’s piece on the death of 20% time at Google—that formerly hallowed portion of an engineer’s week ...

Google has 5 minute outage: Internet traffic drops 40%

Between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on 16th August Google went down. The results put the fear of Google into every webmaster's heart.     GoSqaured, a company that has its own analytics platform, had noted in its Engineering Blog:  

Google is preparing for screenless computers

The spread of computing to every corner of our physical world doesn’t just mean a proliferation of screens large and small—it also means we’ll soon come to rely on mobile computers with no screens at all. “It’s now so inexpensive to have a powerful computing device in my ...

Billionaire Larry Fight: Ellison ($43b) doesn't like Page ($26b)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! One of the world's richest men, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, doesn't like another one of the world's richest men, Larry Page of Google. Larry Page is acting evil. Something about Java. Meh.   There are surreal moments in life when you realize that people who don't have a billion dollars are going to eventually figure out that people who do have a billion dollars are just whiny, self-absorbed freaks who will never know the joys of the Jack in the Box  Waffle Stack.

New Google feature in search results highlights in-depth content

A recent post on Google's Official Search Blog identifies a new feature that curates content for broad topic searches. It looks like it is anti-TGD and its staff of dedicated transients and former convicts. Shame on Google for neglecting the ramblings of schizophrenic Adderall users at a time when they need page impressions the most.  

Google's Chrome browser to get more touch-friendly

Google is apparently taking steps to make its flagship Chrome browser more touch friendly.

OpenGlass apps show support for visually impaired (w/ Video)

A two-person team behind a company called Dapper Vision is pioneering an OpenGlass Project that could tweak perceptions about Google Glass. Rather than seeing Google's wearable as a marketing and infotainment luxury item, the hands-free device could become known as an information vehicle for the visually impaired. The ...

Google intros Android Device Manager to help you find that missing handset

Frequently lose your phone? Yeah, join the club. Don't worry, Google's got a fix. Android Device Manager will be available later this month for phones with 2.2 or later, letting you ring your phone at maximum volume when you can't find it, even if the handset has been ...

Marvell's ARMADA 1500-mini chip powers Google's $35 Chromecast

Last week, Google introduced a $35 device dubbed "Chromecast." Essentially, Chromecast plugs into HD TV's, "casting" online content from phones, tablets and laptops on to HD TVs.

Google's Chromecast debuts at $35

Google has debuted a $35 device dubbed "Chromecast." Chromecast plugs into HD TV's, "casting" online content from phones, tablets and laptops on to HD TVs.

Android 4.3 is on the new Nexus 7

Google and Asus have debuted a new version of the wildly popular Nexus 7, which, as was rumored, arrives preloaded with a sweeter version of Android: 4.3.3 (Jelly Bean).

New electric car charging station doubles capacity

ChargePoint – which claims to have the largest network of independently owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the world – just launched its CT4000 Series. It is designed to address two major issues – the cost of installation and the growing demand for charging spots. We are all for EVs. Yay environment!  

The end of cable TV is nigh - Aereo wins another round

I was around when cable first came to market, with the so-called "experts" arguing that no one would be stupid enough to pay for something you could get for free, namely advertising funded TV programs. And here we are decades later, pretty much proving them wrong, because, yes we are stupid enough.

Report: Smart watch shipments to hit 5 million units in 2014

It's true that current-gen smart watches have gotten off to a relatively slow start, although the status quo is likely to be shaken up in 2014.

Google's Chromebook is going places

Just a few short years ago it would have been difficult to find anyone who took Google's Chromebook seriously. All that has changed, though, as the barebones laptop running Mountain View's web-centric OS gains share - while the rest of the market shrinks.

Google pushes its own agenda for mobile site design

Responsive design is making some web developers feel very smug and self-confident while raising the rates of User Experience and User Interface engineers everywhere because, Google.

Report: Google eyes Android smart watch and game console

Mountain View is reportedly preparing to launch an Android-powered smartwatch along with a dedicated game console.

Google's Project Loon wants to eliminate internet dead zones

I’ll admit it. I’m uncomfortable when traveling through internet dead zones. On one hand, I’m thankful they exist, because they force people like me to unplug. On the other, I realize that education and opportunity suffer in the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have access to a reliable internet connection.

Google Chromebooks hitting 6,600 stores for $199 and up

Google has confirmed that various iterations of its stalwart Chromebook will soon be available in approximately 6,600 stores around the world.

Privacy: How Google and you may be totally screwed

Another week, another scandal at the Obama Administration. Yes, the administration really should now be carrying an official tagline that reads "Scandals’r Us." The latest? The federal government has been collecting all Verizon mobile phone calling information for some time.