Jelly Bean confirmed for Asus tablets

Asus has become the first manufacturer to announce tablets that will be updated from their current version of Android to Jelly Bean.

Nexus 7 orders temporarily halted on Google Play

The Nexus 7 tablet is so popular that Google has had to block all sales through its own online store.

Nexus 7 sells out

Google's first officially-sanctioned tablet is selling like hotcakes.

HTC updating One X, One S, One XL to Jelly Bean

HTC is among the first to confirm existing Android handsets that will be updated to the newest version of the mobile OS.

Yahoo has a shot at powerful future with new CEO

Company co-founder Larry Page wasn't exactly one of the most qualified Mountain View executives to take over Google when Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO.

Google's Marissa Mayer takes helm at Yahoo

Third time lucky, perhaps: Yahoo's hired yet another CEO, Google vice president Marissa Mayer.

Google rules the smartphone market with Android

Google's mobile Android operating system continues to dominate the smartphone market, claiming a whopping 51.8% of the lucrative space in June 2012.

Steve Ballmer's Winston Churchill moment

During World War II, the United Kingdom was led by two Prime Ministers. One was perceived as famous, while the other was ultimately remembered as infamous.

Nexus 7 materials are worth $152

Even at $199, Google stands to make a hefty profit on its new tablet device.

Google faces record fine for privacy breach

Google may be forced to pay an unprecedented $22.5 million fine for violating Apple users' privacy, according to reports.

Apple iPad Mini would storm the tablet market

Apple's rumored iPad Mini will likely shake up the tablet market this holiday season - if Cupertino decides to launch a 16-gigabyte iteration at a $300 price point. 

Google demands $4 million in Oracle fees

It's not a great time for Oracle right now.

Google vows to push governments on gay rights

Google has launched a global campaign aimed at persuading governments to decriminalise homosexuality and eliminate homophobia.

$99 Android game console is in the works

There's a team of developers working on an Android device that does nothing but bring Android games to your TV.

Anticipation builds for Apple's iPad Mini

Apple's iPad Mini may have just been upgraded from rumor to fact.

Ice Cream Sandwich eclipses 10% of Android devices

The latest Android platform numbers are in, and they show that the amount of devices running version 4.0 has reached a new milestone.

Google "search by image" gets big overhaul

Google is constantly working to enhance your search experience.

Siri accuracy pinned at 62%

Apple's voice recognition platform appears to hold muster.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is all about the experience

Google's $199 Nexus 7 Android Jelly Bean tablet may boast some pretty sweet specs indeed. At this juncture, however, Mountain View is probably more focused on user experience - rather than expensive hardware.

Gamestop already offering Nexus 7 pre-orders

Gamestop will add Google's newly announced tablet to its nascent roster of Android devices.