Google's Nexus 7 tablet gets an all-in-one toolkit

Google's indigenously designed Nexus 7 tablet is all the rage for devs - much like Mountain View's Android OS which allows the community to code a never-ending stream of hacks, mods and tweaks.

Google offers $2 million bounty for Chrome hacks

Google has long offered a bug bounty to developers, security specialists and hackers who managed to identify security vulnerabilities in its software.

Google Wallet gets even more open, simpler

Adding credit cards to Google Wallet is becoming even easier for users with any kind of credit or debit card.

Iconia Tab may be getting Jelly Bean

Acer's Iconia Tab may be one of the first tablets to get a Jelly Bean upgrade.

Why Google is buying Frommer's

Google says it is acquiring Frommer's travel-guide business from John Wiley & Sons Inc for $25 million. 

Copyright accusations to influence Google search results

Google's to start demoting sites in its search results that receive large numbers of valid copyright-infringement notices - delighting the content industry, but worrying free-speech campaigners.

Motorola cuts jobs in new focus on high-tech phones

Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google, has warned its staff that about one-fifth of them face the chop.

Record fine for Google over Safari tracking cookies

Google's been hit with a whacking $22.5 million fine for violating a privacy settlement with the FTC and tracking the activity of Safari users.

Emails to appear in Google search results

Google's trialling a new search feature that display results from a user's emails alongside those from the web. It's also launched its Knowledge Graph service worldwide.

Google's autonomous vehicle tech is on a roll

One of the most interesting projects Google is currently working on is probably the self-driving car, with Mountain View continuing to file a slew of patents related to advanced autonomous vehicle tech.

Facial recognition coming to a smartphone near you

Facial recognition for the masses was once relegated to the pages of science fiction novels and futuristic dystopian worlds shown on the big screen.

iOS to lose YouTube app

From this fall, the pre-installed YouTube app will disappear from Apple's operating system, with the launch of iOS 6.

Doubts surface about Google's Project Glass

The evolution of mobile augmented reality (AR) is moving along at an accelerated pace, although analysts at ABI Research doubt Google's Project Glass marks the start of a paradigm shift.

Jelly Bean already approaches 1% market share

Although it may seem like it isn't really available on any publicly-available device, the latest version of Android is already quickly adopting.

Google Wallet opens up support for everyone

Google has released the biggest update yet to its mobile payment platform.

Google delays Nexus Q roll out

Google has quietly postponed the rollout of its $300 media player.

Sony's 2011 Xperia phones might get Jelly Bean

Sony's line of Xperia phones from last year might be eligible for the latest version of Android.

Google rolls out super fast fiber

Google is rolling out ultra-high speed fiber in Kansas City.

 According to Mountain View rep Milo Medin, the service is 100 times faster than today's average broadband.

Jelly Bean heading to Galaxy S II and III

Samsung is eager to get its phones updated to the latest and greatest version of Google's mobile OS.

Yes, mobile integration is critical to the set-top box market

Smart set-top boxes typically attract less attention than other connected CE devices such as TVs and game consoles.