Jelly Bean grows at near record pace

The latest version of Google's mobile operating system is chugging along at a pretty fast pace.

Google buys Instagram rival Snapseed

Google is squaring up to Instagram with the acquisition of San Diego-based Nik Software, maker of the Snapseed photo-editing software.

Google says controversial video will remain on YouTube

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that a controversial video clip about the Islamic prophet Muhammad will remain on YouTube - despite a White House request for Mountain View to "review" the clip. 

Android will hit 1 billion in 2013

The very first smartphone platform ever to reach one billion devices will be Android.

Total Android activations hit a half billion

Around 1.3 million Android devices are being activated on a daily basis.

Google drops Pirate Bay from Autocomplete results

Google's added The Pirate Bay to its Instant and Autocomplete search blacklist, meaning that users need to type the words out in full before the search engine lists the site.

YouTube launches iPhone app alead of iOS 6 launch

A month after Apple scrapped the YouTube app that had come pre-installed since 2007, it's back - bigger, better, and coming courtesy of Google itself.

...And Android Jelly Bean for all

Google’s Android Jelly Bean went live in July and has been hitting an increasing number of devices - whether officially or unofficially - in recent weeks.

Google eyes "smart glove" technology

Google is apparently eyeing a heavily augmented reality future with initiatives like Project Glass.

Google snaps up malware scanning firm

Google's acquired VirusTotal, which offers a free service allowing users to scan files and website URLs for malware.

Jelly Bean hits 1.2% adoption

Although it may seem like it isn't really available on many devices, the latest version of Android is already making its way into the mainstream.

Motorola introduces next generation of Droid Razrs

Welcome to the first major Motorola announcement since the merger with Google.

Report: Google prepping Nexus 7 tablet with 3G

A 3G-enabled Nexus 7 tablet makes perfect sense, especially with Amazon poised to refresh its Kindle Fire lineup in just a few days

HBO Go Android app is updated for Nexus 7

The first tablet to get Google's official seal of approval has now been given the same stamp from HBO.

Jelly Bean fate on Galaxy S II unclear

After confirming that Android 4.1 will be hitting the Galaxy S III, Samsung is a bit less clear on the phone's predecessor.

California to license self-driving cars

Californian senators have passed a bill that looks set to make the state the second in the US to approve self-driving cars on its roads.

Flashing your Android device and more

There are many tools available for both devs and modders to help customize Google’s versatile Android operating system.

Google and Samsung - the new evil queens of denial

Are Google and Samsung the new evil queens of denial?

Chinese OEM plans sub-$100 Google TV box

There is still hope for the future of Google TV.

Motorola files new patent claims against Apple

Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google, has filed new patent claims against Apple. They include the assertion that Apple's voice assistant, Siri, is based on Motorola technology.