Google works on malware scanner as FBI issues Android warning

Google's reported to be developing a malware scanner for Google Play - with excellent timing, as the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has just issued a warning about increasing levels of malware targeting Android phones.

Google faces double whammy from FTC and EU

The Federal Trade Commission is believed to be about to launch an anti-trust investigation into Google, as the EU complains about its privacy policy.

Massive update rolls out to Google Street View

Google has just added 250,000 miles of roads in what it is calling its biggest update ever for its Street View platform.

Atrix 2 finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola's successor to the Atrix phone is now getting its just desserts.

Report: Samsung to develop 10-inch Nexus tablet

According to a report, Google is working with Samsung to create a 10-inch version of its popular Nexus 7 tablet.

LG Nexus images surface

Images of what appear to be the next Nexus-branded smartphone have been leaked.

Yes, Google is prepping a 32GB Nexus 7 

Google's popular Android Nexus 7 tablet is currently available in two iterations: 8 GB for $200 and 16GB for $250. 

Google could be changing "Nexus" strategy

Google is reportedly getting ready to roll out a new strategy for its line of "Nexus" Android devices.

Apple Maps more data-efficient than Google

Well, it seems as if there is actually something good to be said about Apple Maps - it uses a fifth as much data as Google's version.

Transformer Pad Infinity getting Jelly Bean

Asus's unique Transformer Pad Infinity tablet is now getting the latest Android update.

Developer interest in Android has decreased

Despite its continued increase in the mainstream consciousness, Android has seen a decrease in developer interest.

Is Google prepping a $99 Nexus 7 tablet?

Google's $200 Nexus 7 may have taken the Android tablet market by storm, but Mountain View clearly isn't finished yet.

Turn-by-turn directions scuppered Apple/Google Maps deal

The reason so many iPhone users are getting lost is that Apple and Google couldn't agree on turn-by-turn directions, a new report claims.

Driverless car bill passed in California

California's governor Jerry Brown says that today's science fiction is tomorrow's reality.

Google Maps adds Great Barrier Reef dive sites

Google is today adding its first underwater panoramic images to Google Maps, allowing users to take a virtual dive at six of the world's most dramatic coral reefs.

Motorola apologizes for lack of ICS

Now that it is under the Google umbrella, Motorola Mobility is apologizing for its lack of Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

Rumor: Next Nexus phone based on HTC handset

The next installment in Google's "seal of approval" Nexus brand appears to be based on the Droid Incredible X.

Iran moves to block Google, plans its own private web

Iran is in the process of blocking access to Google search, Gmail and YouTube, saying it plans to introduce its own 'domestic internet'.

Apple under fire for disastrous Maps app

Apple's decision to dump Google maps with iOS 6 and go with its own solution is looking like a disaster.

HTC One X slated for Jelly Bean

Owners of the HTC One X phone are about to become one of the 1%.