Google reports record 2012 revenues

Google's reported fourth quarter revenues of $14.42 billion, up by 36 percent on the same quarter last year - and bringing annual revenues up to over $50 billion for the first time.

Things get expensive for Google in France

The French government has released proposals to tax online businesses for the collection of personal data, in a move that would dramatically increase their currently-tiny tax bills.

Google's Project Glass eyes virtual keyboard control

One of the most interesting projects to emerge from Google's Mountain View HQ in recent years is the slick Project Glass wearable computer.

Report: Acer building a Google Chromebox

This week, Lenovo introduced its ThinkPad X131e, a web-centric laptop specifically targeted at students.

Google plans £1 billion London HQ

Google's planning a huge corporate headquarters in London, closing two offices and moving onto a £1 billion site in King's Cross.

Lenovo goes Chrome with ThinkPad X131e

Google's web-centric Chrome operating system debuted on July 7, 2009, with the first Intel-based Chromebooks shipping on June 15, 2011.

Yes, Amazon's Kindle Fire strategy is working

Analysts at ABI Research believe Amazon's cross-subsidized device paradigm offers a viable strategy for the company's tablet lineup.

Google accused of donkeycide

Google's come in for a lot of stick over the years, over everything from privacy to monopolistic behaviour. Now, though, it stands accused of a completely new crime: running over innocent donkeys.

Facebook launches Graph Search: will it compete with Google?

Facebook's launched its long-trailed social search service, allowing users of the site to answer queries such as 'which restaurants do my friends like?'

XDA Devs unlock bootloaders on Nexus devices - sans Fastboot

Google's mobile Nexus devices are fairly easy to unlock with bootloaders left open, courtesy of Mountain View. 

Google invests $200M in Texas wind farm

Google might have its critics on the privacy and antitrust fronts, but it would be hard to fault the company when it comes to promoting a clean energy future.

Well, that'll make all the difference, won't it?

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly used his time in North Korea this week to explain to the government how beneficial an open internet is.

Google offers free Wifi to its New York neighbors

Piggybacking off someone else's Wifi is generally frowned upon - but Google is planning to allow residents of a 10-block area near its offices in New York to have a free connection.

Google chairman arrives in North Korea on controversial trip

Google chairman Eric Schmidt, along with former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, has arrived in North Korea for the start of a two or three day visit.

40% of all Android devices run 4.0 or higher

There are a massive number of Android devices - including smartphones and tablets - on the mobile market today.

Certificate slip lets phishers create fake Google sites

Google is warning that users are at risk of phishing attacks after Turkish Certificate Authority TurkTrust mistakenly issued the wrong type of certificate to two organizations.

FTC lets Google off antitrust hook

The Federal Trade Commission has completed its investigation of Google over unfair business practices - and the company's got off very lightly indeed.

Open webOS runs on Google's Nexus 7 tablet

Interest in Hewlett Packard's (Palm) Open webOS remains higher than ever, despite the fact that HP is no longer actively promoting the stalwart OS.

Samsung redesigns Google Chromebox

Samsung is fast becoming associated with all things Gogole and Chrome.

​Apple chalks up yet another app store win

Apple has clinched yet another win for its impressive mobile app ecosystem.