Motorola unveils its own TV operating system

Even though Google TV wasn't exactly a resounding success, Motorola wants to get into the same market.

LG showcases dual core G2 Smart TV

LG has been in the Smart TV business for a while now and the company is set to launch its latest generation of Google TV sets later this month.

Google TV-powered LG TVs due this month

LG plans to remind the world that Google TV still actually exists.

Intel TV – massive success or catastrophic failure?

A few months ago Intel and Mountain View laid a huge egg when they, along with Sony and Logitech, tried to market Google's TV platform. 

Google TV hasn't even hit a million users

The latest numbers show just how unsuccessful Google has been at reaching the coveted living room market.

Google rolls out Google TV Youtube app

Google teased a "big announcement" for its television-based operating system yesterday, but it turns out it's just a Youtube app update.

Google TV at CES was underwhelming

While there were several Google TV products at CES last week, we're still not convinced it is the next big thing.

Google TV adds OnLive game service

In addition to touting major hardware support at CES, Google TV is also getting new content partners.

Google TV poised to make a CES splash

After being yanked from last year's show at the last minute, Google TV may be one of the big stories to come out of CES in 2012.

Marvell to power Google TV with ARMADA SoC

Google has officially ditched Intel's x86 architecture for its rapidly evolving TV platform.

Logitech Revue gets Google TV update

Let's file this one under too little, too late.

LG may be next to offer Google TV

Rumors are that LG will be the next company to offer a TV with Google's television operating system, and the first new product for the OS to be unveiled in more than a year.

Logitech steps away from Google TV

Despite offering the most affordable way for consumers to get Google TV, the Logitech Revue set-top box will go down as a thing of the past.

Android apps finally ready for Google TV

The Google TV platform, which by all measures has been quite a flop up to this point, is ready for its first significant upgrade.

Can Google resurrect its TV platform?

Google's recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility could potentially allow Mountain View to significantly expand its fading presence in the competitive set-top box market.

Android Market on Google TV now close to reality

Hey, remember back when Google TV was introduced last year? It was supposed to change the way we interact with our TVs.

Google teases huge update to Google TV

Google TV isn't dead yet. In fact, there's a big update on the way.

Android Market coming to Google TV: why it matters

A major new feature is on the way to Google's TV operating system that will allow users and developers to have more access to content tailored specifically for the big screen platform.

Google TV to get Android Market access "shortly"

W00t! A platform-specific version of the popular Android Market is expected to arrive on Google TV sometime in the very near future. 

Microsoft plans Apple TV rival

Now that Apple's TV set-top box is actually a hit, Microsoft wants to take it down. The competing software giant is reportedly working on its own device to bring Windows Media Center to the masses.