How to identify malicious Android apps on Google Play

"How do I know that the new installed app behaves as described?" asks Andreas Zeller, professor of software engineering at Saarland University. So far experts have identified so-called malicious apps by checking their behavior against patterns of known attacks. "But what if the attack is brand-new?" asks Zeller.

Barnes & Noble offers full Google Play access for the Nook HD and HD+

The Barnes & Noble lineup of Nook digital readers originally required a hack in order to access the full version of the Google Play store.

Over 400 Dark Horse Comics hit Google Play Books

Are you a fan of genre comic books and graphic novels who happens to own an Android device? Well, Google Play has some good news for you, as over 400 comic books from Dark Horse were recently added to the Play bookstore.

Google updates Jelly Bean Gmail app

Google has updated its Gmail Android app, which now allows users to save time on the actions they use most often: reply, archive, and search.

Android ClockworkMod Superuser app goes live

Android enthusiasts who routinely root their devices will undoubtedly be pleased to read about a new app from veteran dev Koushik Doutta known as Superuser.

E Fun touts $130 Jelly Bean tablet

E Fun has debuted a lineup of Android tablets dubbed the Google Play series. Powered by Jelly Bean (4.1), the tablets feature full access to Google Play, 1.5GHz dual-core processors and an HD (1024 x 600) display.

Scan and match arrives free on Google Play

Mountain View has introduced a free scan and match feature for its Google Play music platform which allows users to add up to 20,000 songs.

ARM-powered Chromebook sells out on Google Play

Samsung’s ARM-powered (WiFi) Chromebook briefly appeared on Google’s official Play store yesterday before selling out after only a few hours.

Report: Faulty encryption leaves some Android apps vulnerable

A number of apps on the Google Play store may be leaking personal data.

Developer interest in Android has decreased

Despite its continued increase in the mainstream consciousness, Android has seen a decrease in developer interest.

Google Play reaches 25 billion downloads

Forget McDonald's - Google is the one boasting about billions and billions served today.

Amazon targets app fragmentation

Amazon is launching a way for Android users to find apps that will actually run on their device.

Report: Smart app updates go live on Google Play

Smart app updates for Android have gone live on Google Play - promising to save users both time and bandwidth. 

Romney VP announcement to come through app

If you want to be among the first to know who will be joining Mitt Romney on his quest for the White House, the candidate's campaign wants to be sure you know about the "Mitt's VP" app available on the iPhone and Android.

Verizon to allow third-party tethering apps

Verizon will no longer block Android users from using third-party apps for mobile data tethering.

Nexus 7 orders temporarily halted on Google Play

The Nexus 7 tablet is so popular that Google has had to block all sales through its own online store.

Mozilla launches Web app Marketplace

Step aside, App Store and Google Play.

Amazon Appstore lets users take Android apps for a test drive

You can now test out more than 5,000 Android apps before you decide to hit the purchase button.

Amazon in-app payment platform matures

Confirming earlier reports, Amazon is entering the market of in-app payments.

Max Payne on its way to Android and iPhone

The gritty shooter game franchise is set to invade the mobile market.