Google Music Scan and Match swaps explicit songs for clean tracks

Have you used Google's Music Scan and Match platform to upload music to the cloud? Well, you may have noticed that the service has an alarming tendency to swap explicit songs with so-called "clean" tracks. 

Google Music launches in US

As expected, Google yesterday stepped up its fight against Apple with the launch of Google Music, its new online music store.

Google reportedly nearing Universal Music deal

Just a matter of days after Google's long-anticipated digital music service resurfaced in the blogosphere, there are new rumblings that the search giant might be closing in on a deal with Universal.

Screenshots leak of Google Music store

Shots of what appear to be a Google-powered music shop on Android have surfaced.

Amazon cloud-based music services face backlash from music industry

Only days after its announcement, the Amazon Cloud Drive, a service which allows customers to access and listen to music across devices, is already receiving negative feedback.

Watch out iTunes - Google Music is coming

Google has reportedly begun testing its much anticipated streaming music service and rumors are it’s practically ready to launch.